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Google Drive: everything you need to know about free cloud storage

Explore everything you need to know about Google Drive, a leading free cloud storage platform. Learn about its features, storage options, collaboration tools, and security measures, empowering you to effectively store, manage, and share your files in the cloud with confidence.

Launched in 2012, Google Drive was born of Google’s ambition to provide a centralized storage space, accessible from any Internet-connected device. In its early days, it offered 5 GB of free storage space, a capacity that seemed generous at the time. This was a direct response to the growing popularity of cloud storage services such […]

Power Automate Training: Streamlining Your Workflow with Automation

Power Automate Training: Streamlining Your Workflow with Automation

A Power Automate training course enables you to master the tool created by Microsoft to automate tasks and processes. Find out why you should take such a course, and how to choose the best one! In modern companies, process automation has become a key driver of operational efficiency. They are constantly looking for ways to […]

Monitoring: Definition, principles, importance

Monitoring: Definition, principles, importance

Whether for web applications, software, networks or servers, monitoring is essential to ensure optimum performance and availability. Find out more about monitoring and its benefits for any information system. What is monitoring? Monitoring is a set of techniques for analyzing, controlling and supervising actions. In the IT sector, IT monitoring is more than essential, since […]

AWS Database: What are the AWS databases?

AWS Databases: What are the AWS databases?

AWS offers a wide range of database services for a variety of needs and uses, enabling organizations of all sizes to manage, store and analyze their data efficiently and securely. Whether for large-scale applications, e-commerce platforms or academic research projects, AWS database services are proving to be invaluable tools. AWS offers over 15 database services […]

Apache Libcloud: What is it? What’s it for?

Apache Libcloud: What is it? What's it for?

Cloud computing is an exceptional technological evolution, but not without its complexities for developers. Managing multiple resources and differences in APIs and functionalities can turn into a never-ending, time-consuming headache. Apache Libcloud is an open-source Python library that developers can use to hide the differences between the APIs of different cloud services such as Amazon, […]

MariaDB vs PostgreSQL: What are the differences?

MariaDB vs PostgreSQL: What are the differences?

To store, manage and organize their structured data, organizations need a high-performance database management system. And to say the least, they’re spoilt for choice with all the offerings available on the market. In this article, we’ll be looking specifically at two RDBMSs, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. So what are the differences and similarities between these two […]

[2024] Business Analyst salary: how much do you earn in France and abroad?

[2024] Business Analyst salaries: how much do you earn in France and abroad?

Charged with analyzing data, writing specifications and building effective dashboards to help organizations make better decisions, the business analyst is a valuable resource. What is a Business Analyst? A Business Analyst is a key professional within organizations, acting as a bridge between IT functions and business operations. His or her main mission is to understand […]