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Introduction to multidimensional architectures

Introduction to multidimensional architectures

Multidimensional analysis is the ability to analyze data that has been aggregated along several dimensions. In this article, you’ll discover star and snowflake patterns, the most popular multidimensional data models. You’ll find a table comparing these two models at the end of the article. What is an OLAP cube? OLAP hypercubes, for Online Analytical Processing, […]

10 Python projects for beginners

Task automation, game creation, the development of predictive models, and graphical analysis are all compelling challenges that every Python programmer aspires to conquer. Through this article, we’ll explore ten projects perfect for both beginners and those with more experience, offering an opportunity to impress your peers with your coding prowess. Projects for Beginners 1. Alarm […]

Networks and Telecommunications: A Comprehensive Guide

Mobile apps, software, IoT, websites… Networks and telecommunications are integral to data connectivity, ensuring these technologies function seamlessly. As such, they are pivotal in our modern societies, making education in this field essential. The World of Networks and Telecommunications Telecom networks are intricate systems of links and nodes (like routers, switches, and servers), designed to […]

What is a Funnel Manager? Roles, Skills, Salaries

A key element in marketing, the sales funnel is the customer’s purchase journey. Through a series of well-planned stages, companies can convert more customers. However, to achieve an attractive ROI, they must also develop an effective and appealing sales funnel. This is where the funnel manager comes into play. Discover this emerging profession. What are […]