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What is a Funnel Manager? Roles, Skills, Salaries

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A key element in marketing, the sales funnel is the customer's purchase journey. Through a series of well-planned stages, companies can convert more customers. However, to achieve an attractive ROI, they must also develop an effective and appealing sales funnel. This is where the funnel manager comes into play. Discover this emerging profession.

What are the funnel manager's tasks?

The funnel manager is responsible for the management of sales funnels, from their design to the analysis of conversion results. In this role, they must carry out various actions:

  • Knowing the customer: The funnel manager needs to understand their ideal customer to design the most effective sales funnel.
  • Selecting the most efficient communication channels: Depending on their audience, they will decide whether to disseminate their sales funnel through social media, newsletters, websites, etc. In each channel, they apply various marketing techniques, such as SEO, SEA, SMO, lead nurturing, among others.
  • Designing the sales funnel: Defines all the stages of the buyer’s journey (discovery of the product, website visit, newsletter subscription, launch of a promotional campaign…). For each one, they create relevant content.
  • Testing and optimizing: Even if they meticulously plan their marketing campaign, the funnel manager doesn’t always get it right on the first try. Therefore, they must test, learn, and adjust to design increasingly effective sales funnels.
  • Results analysis: following the previous point, analyzing KPIs is essential for a funnel manager. It is through data analysis that they can improve their campaign and conversion rate.

Key skills of a funnel manager

The funnel manager is first and foremost a marketing specialist and must master all its areas, including:

  • SEO: Their goal is to optimize the organic ranking of a website. Learning the right SEO strategies is crucial in this process.
  • SEA: Uses paid advertising to increase traffic and conversions, both on social networks and search engines.
  • Social media management: Understands the algorithms of different platforms to optimize visibility. A well-rounded knowledge of different customer lifecycle stages is also beneficial in targeting the right audience.
  • Content creation: Produces different types of content (text, images, videos). For this, the funnel manager must master skills such as storytelling, copywriting, video editing, etc. Depending on the campaign, they may outsource these tasks to other specialists.

In addition to these technical competencies, the funnel manager must also have outstanding personal skills.

Such as listening skills, which are essential for understanding the needs of their clients.

They must be good at interpersonal relationships, as they often need to collaborate with other professionals (content creators, sales teams, support, etc.).

Lastly, it is important that they have a strong analytical spirit to improve the sales funnels using marketing data analysis.

What is the average salary of a funnel manager?

The funnel manager, thanks to the management of an effective sales funnel, directly contributes to the increased revenue of a company. For this reason, their gross annual salary is around 40 000 €.

However, the remuneration can vary depending on the geographical location, sector, company size, and of course, the professional’s experience.

How to become a funnel manager?

Although it is a fairly new profession and still without a specific educational program, a master’s degree in marketing at a business school can open the doors to this field.

With increasing competition in the area of marketing, a specialization in data analysis can be advantageous.

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