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AI Tools for Marketing: How can you improve your strategy?

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Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but already offers tremendous automation and predictive capabilities for marketing. Discover the best AI tools for marketing in this dossier!

Since its launch at the end of 2022, ChatGPT has enjoyed phenomenal success. This chatbot based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model is capable of generating any type of text, based on a request formulated in natural language by the user.

The AI can answer questions on any subject in many languages, produce computer code, write poetry and musical scores, or draft texts in a wide variety of formats.

This tool is so powerful that it could threaten Google and its search engine! It is already being used by many companies for marketing purposes.

Indeed, ChatGPT saves precious time by automating the writing of emails or advertising content, the creation of web pages and video scripts, or even publications on the various social networks.

Depending on the type of content required, the user can specify the tone and format to be adopted. As a result, companies can easily accelerate their marketing campaigns and extend their reach.

However, even if OpenAI’s chatbot is in the spotlight, there are many other AI-based marketing tools. Some are even proving more successful for specific use cases, not least because ChatGPT is only trained on data prior to 2021.

Depending on your organization’s needs, you may find a suitable solution offering specific features. Here’s a roundup of the best AI Tools for marketing!

Copy AI: write marketing copy automatically withthis AI tool

Blog posts, social networks and emails: textual content is essential for marketing. However, a simple lack of inspiration can prevent you from writing the kind of quality copy that can turn users into customers.

With Copy AI, you can avoid writer’s block by writing for you. This tool creates blog posts ten times faster, advertising copy, product descriptions for e-commerce, and content for websites and social networks.

Adopted by more than 5 million users worldwide, the platform brings together nearly a hundred tools and templates. Simply indicate the type of project, specify the context, then choose from the results generated by the AI.

CopyMonkey: easily create Amazon product sheets

Product descriptions are the lifeblood of Amazon. Not only do they help to improve referencing on the e-commerce platform, but they also help to answer questions from web users and convince them to buy.

With CopyMonkey, you can automatically generate product sheets in a matter of seconds. The AI takes care of incorporating all the important keywords into the description, ensuring natural positioning on the first page.

The tool also analyzes your competitors’ listings to pick up on their best practices, and selects keywords based on search, click and conversion rates. It then suggests improvements based on your best sales.

Ocoya: produce content for social networks

Social networks are the ideal communication channel for addressing the younger generation, and also offer powerful advertising targeting tools.

To produce successful publications, however, you need to be familiar with the codes specific to these platforms. The Ocoya tool enables you to create and plan content calibrated for social networks.

AI is used to generate marketing texts and relevant hashtags. Users can also choose from over 10,000 image and video templates, to gradually build up their follower base.

In addition to social networks, integrations for e-commerce sites are also available. More than 40,000 companies use this tool.

Vidyo shortens videos for social networks

Social network users have very little time to devote to each publication. As a result, videos posted on these platforms need to be short and effective.

Vidyo’s AI automatically creates short viral videos from longer content. It also takes care of adding captions and emojis.

Simply import the video and let the tool automatically select the best moments. You can also modify colors, fonts and subtitles, and choose from over 100 templates.

The solution is compatible with all major social networks, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. It automatically adapts video content to the requirements of these platforms.

Unbounce: a landing page generator

A landing page is essential for conversion. This is where visitors land when they click on a link in your newsletter, an advertisement or a partner site.

This page is a pivotal stage in the sales process, and must therefore be carefully designed to convert the maximum number of visitors. With Unbounce, you can let the AI handle its creation in just a few minutes.

The construction interface is intuitive, and personalized recommendations enable optimization at every stage. Textual content can be generated, reworked or extended automatically.

The tool also takes care of directing each visitor to a landing page ideal for his or her profile. On average, Unbounce increases sales and registrations by 30%.

Flair: generate photo shoots of your products

Product photo shoots are essential for marketing. A successful image can encourage consumers to buy at first sight!

With Flair AI, you can maximize the quality of your product photos using AI. In less than a minute, you can obtain complete photshoots, with any background.

Simply drag your image onto the website, and textually describe the desired background. You can also choose from a vast library of styles, or create your own custom board.

Illustroke: create vector images from prompts

Vector images are both aesthetically pleasing and informative. To simplify the creation of SVG illustrations for your marketing campaigns, you can use Illustroke.

This AI tool allows you to produce vector images from a text prompt. Simply enter your text and let the platform generate a customizable illustration to upload to your website or social networks.

Patterned AI: royalty-free patterns produced by AI tools

This AI tool lets you automatically create unique, royalty-free designs for your products, packaging, web pages or any other use case.

All you have to do is enter a few keywords, and the generator will produce patterns to match your requirements. You can then reuse them over and over again.

Stockimg.ai: generate stock images from prompts

It’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for on image banks. Most good photos are already overused, and many are too basic or impersonal. But thankfully, there are AI tools for that.

With Stockimg.ai, you can generate images for any purpose. With a simple text description prompt. In particular, you can let the AI create a logo, a book cover, a poster or an illustrative photo.

Note that the famous image bank Shutterstock has launched its own image creation service based on the AI MidJourney. Over the coming months, we can expect all image banks to offer this functionality.

Beatoven: create royalty-free music automatically

In the age of social networking, video is a highly effective marketing format. However, it’s sometimes difficult to find royalty-free music to accompany images without the right AI tools.

The Beatoven.ai music generator lets you compose unique music for your videos and podcasts, based on the desired mood and atmosphere.

Simply upload your video or podcast, then choose from eight different musical genres and sixteen distinct emotions. You can listen to examples for each style, and select the one that suits your content. With a single click, the AI creates a unique soundtrack for your video.

Another similar tool is Soundraw, which also lets AI generate royalty-free music for videos, including ambient sounds.

Cleanvoice: AI Tools to remove unwanted sounds from your podcasts

Podcasts are a great marketing medium, because they establish a personal connection with the consumer. Listeners feel they’re listening to a person, not a company.

However, stuttering and other mouth noises can very easily tarnish this experience. Fortunately, Cleanvoice AI automatically removes these sounds from your podcasts.

This browser-based tool is based on an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Simply download the content and click on a button. As soon as the audio is “cleaned”, you’ll receive a download link by email.

Podcastle: create studio-quality podcasts

Always with the aim of optimizing the quality of your marketing podcasts, Pocastle makes it possible to create studio quality content from a simple computer.

This web-based platform makes recording, editing, enhancing, translating and exporting a breeze. In particular, you’ll be able to conduct remote interviews with local recording of each track, lossless WAV audio and 4K video for each participant without the need for professional equipment.

Audio editing is simple, thanks to intuitive tools and a library of over 7,000 sounds. AI processing enhances quality and eliminates echo and unwanted noise with a single click.

Quickchat: chatbots to replace customer service

The quality of a company’s customer relations has a direct impact on its marketing, influencing its reputation and brand image. Rather than entrusting this responsibility to employees or subcontractors, it’s sometimes better to let robots take care of it.

With Quickchat, you can create chatbots capable of communicating with your customers. Like ChatGPT, this tool is based on GPT-3 and therefore offers a high level of natural language. Customers will hardly notice that it’s not a human interlocutor.

Simply download its knowledge base, and the Emerson AI assistant will guide you through the creation of a personalized conversation robot for your company. No computer coding skills are required.

The Quichat widget can then be incorporated into any website or messaging application. The chatbot can support a wide range of languages, including French, English, German and Spanish. Companies can adopt this tool for customer service, sales or human resources management.

Puzzle Labs creates a FAQ for your product

For a product to be successful, it must be easy to understand. On a website dedicated to sales, Internet users must quickly find all the answers to their questions through a FAQ, glossary or knowledge base.

Rather than writing this content manually, you can let Puzzle Labs’ AI generate it from your existing documents. This glossary will provide a clear, concise definition of key terms and concepts related to your product.

The widget can then be incorporated into a blog or other document. This enables web users to understand your brand and products without having to leave the site to do a Google search.

Cleanup.picture: remove defects from your images

A marketing image needs to be uncluttered. With Cleanup.picture, you can let AI remove defects and intrusive elements such as objects, people or text from your photos.

Accessible via a simple web browser, this tool lets you download any image for retouching in a matter of seconds. It is particularly useful for photographers, creative agencies, real estate agencies or e-commerce stores.

Looka: AI at the service of your brand image

Looka generates brand names and logos automatically

Every great brand has a legendary logo. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you won’t need a genius graphic designer to create your own.

With Looka, you can let the AI create a brand name and logo for your project. Marketing content can then be generated using these elements.

Synthesia creates marketing videos from text

The Synthesia video creation platform automatically generates simple marketing videos in over 120 languages.

This web-based application offers an intuitive interface. It transforms text documents and PowerPoint presentations into tutorial, training or marketing videos.

Its AI avatars are the digital twins of real professional actors. You can choose the right one for your video from a vast catalog, or customize them for your brand.

It takes just a few minutes to create a video in which the avatar reads the text provided in any language. Captions and subtitles can also be added.

Conclusion: AI tools for marketing, a sector with a bright future for a recent innovation

By now, you’re familiar with the best AI tools for marketing available. These various platforms already offer numerous automation possibilities, but this is really just the beginning.

Over the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will experience unprecedented growth, and many new marketing solutions will emerge. To give yourself a competitive edge, keep an eye out for innovative new tools, and get trained to master these revolutionary technologies!

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