Mushroom recognition : How computer vision can aid in the identification of species

Context One of the most widely used and oldest species identification techniques is “morphological identification”, which identifies individuals by their anatomical characteristics. However, this technique has the disadvantage of not being always accurate since it depends on the observation and the identification protocol of the person who performs it. An alternative to this identification technique […]

Tensor flow : All about Google’s Machine Learning framework


TensorFlow is a Machine Learning framework created by Google and available in open source. Discover everything you need to know about it: history, functioning, advantages, training… Machine Learning is a complex discipline, but fortunately there are tools that simplify its implementation. Among these resources, there is the TensorFlow framework from Google. It is an open-source […]

All about Deep Learning


This article is the first in a series dedicated to Deep Learning: After a general introduction to the functioning and applications of neural networks, you will discover in the following articles the main types of networks and their architectures, as well as methods and various examples of applications of Deep Learning today. Let’s start without […]

Machine Learning: what is it and why does it change the world?

Machine learning

Find out everything you need to know about Machine Learning: definition, operation, different categories… you’ll know everything about Machine Learning and its revolutionary impact in all areas! Machine Learning is a scientific field, and more specifically a sub-category of artificial intelligence. It consists in letting algorithms discover “patterns”, i.e. recurring patterns, in data sets. These […]