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Chord ai: A helpful tool for music lovers

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Artificial Intelligence has been dealing with more than just IT topics for a long time now and can do more than just voice assistance. Even if you don't think that something so technical can have anything in common with creativity, it does. Artificial intelligence paints pictures and creates photographs, writes stories and has completed the tenth symphony by the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven from Bonn. It is now on a completely new level than it was in its early days.

Whether you approve of this development or not, one thing is clear: Artificial intelligence and culture have more and more to do with each other.

Artificial Intelligence and the perfect pitch

One exciting new development in this area is Chord ai. But what does this app have in common with great musicians like Mozart, Jimie Hendrix or Charlie Puth? The answer: a perfect pitch. Well, more or less. Having perfect pitch means being able to determine the pitch of notes just by hearing them and without a sheet of music. Only 0.01% of the people worldwide have such a perfect pitch. This is not a huge number and a pity for all those who would like to feel their Antihero on the guitar like Taylor Swift does. But for all these motivated people, Chord ai is now a solution. So while music stars have been given and trained from birth with the talent to recognize exact pitches and nuances, Chord ai is an artificial intelligence.

Chord ai uses the latest advances in the field of artificial intelligence to automatically recognize the chords and beats of any song with stunning accuracy.

As a user, you can either upload songs, for example from YouTube or audio files from your own device, or use the integrated microphone directly. Chord ai then analyzes the music in real time and generates the correct chords as accurately as possible.

The functions of Chord ai

The app can create 268 different chords. And not only standard C major or A minor, but all kinds of diminished and sus chords, sevenths and ninths (and all kinds of other wonderfully complicated chord variations 😉 ). In addition to the chords, the app then offers other information about the song: the tempo, the key, chord tablatures for different instruments with over 100,000 fingering positions only for guitar, or even recognizing song lyrics. Another advantage? Chord ai also works offline. So no connection to the internet is needed, at least if you use the integrated microphone.

Chord ai is thus an app that can make everyday music life easier not only for professional artists, but also for passionate hobby musicians. All this thanks to artificial intelligence. The use of AI in culture is quite controversial, but one have to admit that their functions can be really helpful.

"AI would become boring at some point"

But when AI gets to learn more and more, is there still a difference between Mozart and artificial intelligences like Chord ai? Yes, says musicologist Rolf Großmann. Musicians, such as for example Billie Eilish, are still at an advantage. They would for example play with particular nuances in their voices, a style that Großmann says could be copied by an AI but would eventually become boring. However, he sees a large repertoire of possibilities for dealing with AI’s capabilities.

AI can make our everyday lives easier.
Perhaps it should not finish immortal works by popular musicians. In any case, the question arises whether it is not artistically much more valuable and mysterious to never hear the end of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony. But at least when we want to dance lively to “Levitating” (Dua Lipa) and warble to “Flowers” (Miley Cyrus), artificial intelligence can help us.

If you want to be the next person to use artificial intelligence for a new creative idea, feel free to check out our courses on our website or contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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