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DevOps Freelance Hourly Rate: How much can you earn?

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DevOps average daily rate: How much does a DevOps consultant cost?

The result of collaboration between the “Development” and “Operations” teams, DevOps takes on a dual role. They are responsible for creating web or software applications, as well as deploying and operating them. If they can’t recruit, some companies choose to call on the services of a DevOps consultant. But what is the DevOps Freelance Hourly Rate?

The aim is to create interfaces that are perfectly adapted to users’ needs. And in a world where digitalization is omnipresent, the role of DevOps has become paramount for companies. So does this translate into a particularly high DevOps Freelance Hourly Rate? Let’s find out.


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DevOps reminder - Definition, missions, skills

Before examining the average DevOps rate, it’s worth recalling the principles of this emerging profession, its missions and skills.


DevOps is the contraction of Development and Operations.

Originally, it wasn’t so much a profession as a working philosophy. Indeed, companies adopting the DevOps culture relied on collaboration between developers (responsible for creating software) and system administrators (responsible for deploying and operating this software).

The aim of this collaboration was to deliver a product that perfectly met the needs of the end-user.


DevOps has a dual function: designing software and deploying it to ensure that it runs smoothly.

To carry out these missions successfully, DevOps specialists must automate all processes (from construction to deployment, including monitoring and testing phases).

Since the ultimate aim is to improve product quality for the end-user, DevOps must regularly carry out quality checks at every stage of the process.

In this sense, DevOps is totally imbued with the Agile method. In other words, moving forward iteratively with the aim of continuous improvement.


A DevOps engineer is first and foremost an engineer with a wide range of IT skills. This applies in particular to mastery of web development or deployment tools, such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, GitLab, Ansible, Terraform, AWS and so on. They must therefore have a certain appetite for new programming languages and information systems.

In addition to technical skills, DevOps specialists must also possess essential personal qualities, such as rigor, autonomy, the ability to adapt and listen, and communication skills. Not forgetting curiosity. And with good reason, as DevOps specialists must regularly keep abreast of technical innovations in the IT world and/or in their sector of activity.

Do all these skills justify a high average daily rate for DevOps?

What is the average DevOps Freelance Hourly Rate?

DevOps operators can work in companies as employees or as freelancers. We’d like to take a closer look at the second of these scenarios.

DevOps Freelance Hourly Rate & The average daily rate for DevOps

Looking at the main freelance networking platforms, we see that the average daily rate for experienced DevOps is around €600.

However, this does not mean that the monthly salary of a freelance DevOps is €12,000.

After all, DevOps people don’t necessarily work 20 days a month for a company. As a freelancer, he or she also has to work on communication to find customers, monitoring to increase skills, not forgetting administrative formalities. But companies don’t pay for all this.

What’s more, DevOps operators may experience periods of slack work during which they have no assignments.

By way of indication, the average gross salary for DevOps is between €45 and €62K per year.

That said, as a freelancer, DevOps operators can claim a higher salary if they manage to build up a good customer portfolio.

Differentiation criteria

While the average daily rate for DevOps is €600, there are wide disparities between these professionals. Several criteria explain these differences:

  • Location: unsurprisingly, DevOps working in big cities have a much higher rate than DevOps living in smaller cities.
  • Professional experience: just like salaried employees, DevOps’ GWD varies according to their experience. Thanks to their expertise, senior DevOps staff can charge a higher ARR than junior staff.
  • Reputation: DevOps who manage to build up a good reputation, notably through social networks or word-of-mouth, can easily raise their prices because they deliver quality services.

How to become DevOps?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of DevOps, you’ll first need to train for this double role.

DevOps engineers often go to engineering or computer science schools. However, there is little specialization within these schools. Fortunately, other organizations such as DataScientest offer specialized training in DevOps engineering.

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