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Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: The Role of a Data Consultant

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Explore the expertise of a data consultant and how they leverage their skills to analyze, interpret, and optimize data, guiding organizations towards strategic insights and informed decision-making.

Managing large volumes of data is now commonplace, and to this end a profile has emerged that has become indispensable within large structures: the Data consultant.

Halfway between consultant and data analyst, the data consultant does project management as well as data analysis and deliverables production. Focus on a profession that is highly prized by recruiters.

What is the role of the data consultant?

The role of these consultants is to help companies meet the various challenges they face (business development, process optimization, compliance, strategic reorientation, implementation of a data-driven policy, etc.) by adding value to their data.

He manipulates data on a day-to-day basis to provide customers with valuable insights. His work is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Gathering data: Determining which data is useful for analysis
  2. Analyze data: Analyze the data collected in order to respond to a concrete problem.
  3. Advise: Make recommendations to companies based on the findings of the analysis.

Data consultants have a number of qualities and skills. First and foremost, of course, you need to be highly skilled in data management and analysis. You also need to be able to let go of your prejudices and let data do the talking.

What training do you need to become a data consultant?

Data consultants come from a variety of backgrounds:

  • They may be graduates of engineering schools
  • Data scientists, data analysts, big data engineers and big data architects can become consultants if they have good communication skills, and a certain intellectual curiosity for the businesses of the customers they will be working with.

What are its missions and projects?

Projects are varied: analysis of customer data, elaboration of a data strategy, implementation of a data dictionary or a real data management policy, development of algorithms…

The data consultant also provides a technology watch (To learn more about the importance of technology watch, you can read or reread our article.

One of the special features of data consulting is that it caters for a wide range of customer profiles, and enables us to work on a variety of projects.

Our customers are mainly large corporations, whose large volumes of generated/processed data require the implementation of a real data strategy.

Salary and career opportunities

The salary of a Data Consultant varies between €35 and €85,000, depending on the company and experience, according to the Data Recrutement website. Opportunities for advancement are wide open.

As they move up in rank and skills, data consultants can specialize or manage larger projects and larger teams. This can lead to managerial positions: Director of Information Systems, Director of Operations, Director of Research…

Accessible after a wide range of training courses, the job of data consultant is a career with a bright future, requiring excellent synthesis skills and a solid grounding in data science. Our Data Analyst training course is perfectly adapted to your needs and is the most accessible way to become a data consultant quickly!

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