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Google Chrome gets a makeover and integrates AI into its search capabilities

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On Wednesday, May 10, Google held its I/O conference, an opportunity for Google to say more about its various projects. Google isn’t finished with the announcements on artificial intelligence, now users will be able to access it from Google Chrome.

What will change for Google Chrome?

In the same way that OpenAI improved Microsoft’s Bing engine, Google is integrating AI into its search engine. To do this, Google is using its new artificial intelligence model, PaLM 2.

When a user performs a search, a blue or green box with a fully authored answer will appear above the traditional proposals. In its proposal, the AI will reference the sites it used to generate its answer as Bing Chat already does. However, if the created answer isn’t convincing or if the user wants to have more details, he will be able to have a conversation with the AI thanks to the integrated chat. 

Currently unavailable, this option should arrive in a few weeks on Search Labs for the United States. No date of publication has been communicated, so French speakers will still have to wait as with Google Bard.

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Source : io.google


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