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Google solves the problem of generative AI and fake news

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On Wednesday, May 10, Google held its I/O conference, an opportunity for Google to tell more about its different projects. Google wants to fight fake news and help people to recognize images generated by artificial intelligence, and for that the company has a solution.

What is this solution?

The recent political pictures created by artificial intelligence are a scandal, and Internet users are beginning to fear their destructive potential. That’s why, with the participation of Adobe, Google wants to create a more ethical and transparent artificial intelligence. To do so, Google will deploy an “AI Generated with Google” watermark on each content generated by its artificial intelligence.

Why create this watermark?

Google wants to give the possibility to each Bard user to add this label on their creations. To give more context on each image, the computer giant is setting up the option “about this image“, so that users will know where and when this photo appeared on the net. It will also be possible to know where it appears, in which articles, on which sites and if it was the subject of a fact checking. The addition of this label should arrive in the coming months.

With this option, Google wants to send back an image of transparency, but also shows an awareness and responsibility unlike its competitors.

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Source : io.google 


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