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Intellij IDEA: Why is it the best IDE for you?

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Intellij IDEA: Why is it the best IDE for you?

Among the multitude of text editor and integrated development environment (IDE) options available, it can be tricky to make the right choice when starting out in programming. Each solution differs according to the needs and preferences of the developer, as well as the type of project in hand.

So why use an IDE?

You can use any text editor to write code. However, most IDEs include features that go beyond text editing. An IDE is software that contains a code editor, debugger, search tools and much more.

It brings them all together in one place, so you can write, test and manage your code more efficiently.

And what is Intellij IDEA?

Some IDEs stand out, in particular Intellij IDEA, which is an IDE primarily used for Java development, but also supports other languages, including Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript and more.

Created by JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA is renowned for its rich functionality, user-friendliness and tight integration with numerous development technologies and frameworks.

It is available in two versions: a community, open source version under an Apache 2 license, and a proprietary, Ultimate version under a commercial license. Intellij IDEA offers advanced features such as intelligent auto-completion, real-time error detection, refactoring, static code analysis and much more. This IDE has conquered the hearts of developers worldwide and has become a must-have for programmers.

So why use Intellij IDEA?

IntelliJ IDEA is often regarded as offering superior productivity thanks to its advanced features such as its intelligent code editor, its suitability for Web development and the possibility of collaboration and remote development.

Indeed, Intellij IDEA offers one of the most powerful code editors in the industry. It understands the ins and outs of your code through initial indexing.

This enables it to then detect errors on the fly, suggest semi-automatic code entry options with precise contextual knowledge, launch secure refactorings, and much more.

It’s also ideally suited to web development. It supports a wide range of JavaScript and related technologies, such as TypeScript, React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, HTML and stylesheets.

Finally, it even provides the tools developers need to adapt to a telecommuting world.

Developers can collaborate effectively with the rest of their team from the location of their choice, and code on any laptop while a remote server takes care of all the intensive processing.

Some IDEs are even based on Intellij IDEA, such as Android Studio, which is specifically designed for Android application development.


In short, IntelliJ IDEA is one of the most powerful and versatile development environments available to developers. This IDE offers a multitude of features designed to improve your productivity, simplify development and guarantee the quality of your code.

Whatever your level of programming experience, IntelliJ IDEA can help you create Android applications, enterprise software, web applications and many other projects.

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