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Google unveils PaLM 2, its revolutionary AI model

On Wednesday, May 10th, Google held its I/O conference, an opportunity for Google to tell more about its different projects. During this annual meeting, Google took the opportunity to unveil its new artificial intelligence model, PaLM 2. What is PaLM 2? In a talk show presented by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, PaLM 2 is […]

U-NET: Computer Vision’s neural network


U-NET is a neural network model dedicated to Computer Vision tasks and more particularly to Semantic Segmentation problems. Discover all you need to know: presentation, functioning, architecture, advantages, training… Artificial intelligence is a broad technology with many branches. Computer Vision is one of these sub-categories. It is an interdisciplinary scientific field that aims to enable […]

Google Bard available everywhere… except in Europe

Wednesday, May 10th was the Google I/O conference, the opportunity for Google to say more about its different projects. Once again, the giant took the opportunity to announce several innovations concerning Bard and especially its availability. Google Bard available in 180 countries During the presentation on Bard, the chatbot was announced as available, without waiting […]

IBM launches a suite of AI tools and competes with Google, Microsoft and Amazon

At its annual Think conference, IBM announced its new development platform, IBM Watsonx. This platform is to provide tools for creating new AI, including generative AI. What are these new tools? During their conference, the company presented a multitude of new products with or without direct links to artificial intelligence. IBM wants to provide a […]