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AI Watermarking: All you need to know

ai watermark

L’AI watermarking, or AI digital watermarking, is a technique that involves embedding digital marks or indicators into machine learning models or datasets to enable their identification. Faced with the explosion of content generated by Artificial Intelligence, this approach has become essential. Discover the existing techniques and challenges to overcome… Within the Machine Learning community, AI […]

Incremental Update Power BI: All you need to know

power bi incr

Incremental Update Power BI: It allows you to load only the changes made to the data, rather than replacing all the data with each refresh. This saves time and resources. Learn everything you need to know about this feature!” There are two main ways to transfer data from one location (A) to another (B). The […]

Convolutional Neural Network: Everything You Need to Know

Convolutional Neural Network

In this section, we will focus on one of the most powerful algorithms in Deep Learning: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). These are powerful programming models that enable image recognition, in particular, by automatically assigning a label to each image provided as input, corresponding to the class to which it belongs. Welcome to the third episode […]

Exploring the Agglomerative Hierarchical Custering algorithm (AHC)


Hierarchical Clustering  Algorithm(AHC): Clustering is a specific discipline within Machine Learning with the goal of dividing your data into homogeneous groups with common characteristics. This is a highly valued field, especially in marketing, where the aim is often to segment customer databases to identify specific behaviors. In a previous article, we introduced a clustering algorithm […]

K-Means Clustering in Machine Learning: A Deep Dive


Clustering is a specialized discipline within Machine Learning aimed at separating your data into homogeneous groups with common characteristics. It’s a highly valued field, especially in marketing, where there is often a need to segment customer databases to identify specific behaviors. The K-means algorithm is a well-known unsupervised algorithm in the realm of Clustering. In […]

Apache Airflow: A Comprehensive Guide to Workflow Orchestration

apache airflow

An Apache Airflow training helps you master the open-source workflow orchestration platform. Explore the reasons and methods to become proficient in this essential tool for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Machine Learning Engineers. Apache Airflow is a workflow engine and orchestration tool that allows you to schedule and execute complex data pipelines. With this open-source […]

Azure Course: Master Azure Cloud with Our Comprehensive Course

azure course

Azure Course: Azure Machine Learning is a web service for creating and deploying machine learning (ML) models for data science teams. It enables the creation, testing, management, deployment, or monitoring of these models in a scalable cloud environment, allowing for big data analysis and predictive analytics. Objectives of a Microsoft Azure Course: When it comes […]

API: The Path to Seamless Integration


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become indispensable across various industries, including banking, marketing, and digital sectors. The development of APIs continues to grow alongside the increasing volume of data to be processed. But what exactly are we talking about, and what purpose do they serve? An API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, is a […]

Data Mining: Everything you need to know about data mining

data minng

Data Mining, also known as data foraging, involves analyzing vast volumes of data to uncover trends and correlations. Discover everything you need to know about it: definition, operation, use cases, careers, and training… To solve their problems and uncover new opportunities, companies across all sectors analyze vast volumes of data. Data Scientists and other analysts […]

Mastering Machine Learning in Python: Data-Driven Success

machine learning python

Machine Learning Python has emerged as the go-to language for Machine Learning in just a few years. Many of us eager to start coding in Python have also realized that learning a programming language and grasping Machine Learning concepts on our own isn’t always straightforward. At DataScientest, we strive to boost every learning endeavor by […]

Survival Analysis: Beyond Machine Learning

survival analysis

When starting a Data Science project, it’s crucial to carefully consider the modeling of the problem at hand. If we aim to increase sales on an e-commerce website, we can work on enhancing conversion rates using a classification model, determining user visit durations based on their profiles, modeling visitor journeys, attributing visitor arrivals to various […]