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GAN Machine Learning: Putting fictitious faces into practice

gan ML

What do these three people have in common? None of them exist in real life, and each of these photos was generated by this website. But how can this website succeed in generating such photorealistic and diverse individuals? Thanks to the StyleGAN2 algorithm developed by a team of researchers from NVIDIA! This algorithm, still very […]

Confusion Matrix: what is it and how do I use it?

confusion matrix

The performance of a Machine Learning algorithm is directly related to its ability to predict an outcome. When comparing the results of an algorithm to reality, a confusion matrix is used. In this article, you will learn how to read this matrix to interpret the results of a classification algorithm. What is a confusion matrix? […]

Overfitting: what is it? How can I avoid it?


In this article, we present one of the pitfalls of supervised learning algorithms: overfitting. What is overfitting? Overfitting in Machine Learning is the risk of a model learning the training data “by heart”. In this way, it runs the risk of not being able to generalize to unknown data. For example, a model that returns […]

Microsoft Azure: Empower yourself with knowledge

azure cloud services

Exploring Cloud Platforms? Dive into the World of Microsoft Azure! As explained in a previous article, the cloud is becoming increasingly vital for businesses. Indeed, the cloud allows companies to access IT resources without the need to establish themselves in data centers. After 9 years of existence, Microsoft Azure is now one of the top […]

Apache Kafka: the real-time data processing platform

apache kafka

Apache Kafka is a real-time streaming data processing platform. Discover everything there is to know to master Kafka. Streaming data processing offers numerous advantages, particularly in establishing a more efficient Data Engineering architecture. However, additional technologies are required. One of these technologies is Apache Kafka. What is Apache Kafka ? Apache Kafka is an open-source […]

Mastering MicroStrategy: Unveiling the Power of Business Intelligence


In October 2020, DataScientest became the first European partner of MicroStrategy, one of the most widely used Business Intelligence software packages for data analysis and visualization. Find out all you need to know about it: presentation, operation, use cases, training… What is MicroStrategy ? MicroStrategy Incorporated is an American software publisher offering a Business Intelligence […]