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Demystifying Power BI Date Formats: The Most Commonly Used Formats

power bi date format

Power BI is a business analysis and data modelling service for confident decision-making. By connecting all your data sources at the scale you need, you can visualise and share insights across the whole organisation. Power BI is based on the principle of Business Intelligence. Many users have difficulty formatting dates in Power BI. Find out […]

Embark on Coding Adventures: Why Scratch is the Ideal Language for Beginners


Scratch is a graphic programming environment designed for educational purposes. It allows for easy and accessible creation of simulations, games, or animations through block assembly. Scratch serves as both a programming language, a development environment, and a website. Positioning itself as the leading free coding community for children, Scratch is a powerful tool for introducing […]

Unleash Geospatial Creativity: Mastering Dynamic Maps with uMap


The problem of producing increasingly dynamic and intuitive maps is a major challenge for the digital transformation of the 21st century. The uMap editing and sharing software meets this need by creating a new, more dynamic way of creating maps that users can actively use. Maps are the most appropriate solution for land navigation, and […]

Choosing the Right Cloud Provider: AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP Unveiled

aws cloud azure

There are many advantages for a company to migrate to the cloud, whether partially or totally. These include increased data security, greater computing power and lower IT costs. However, knowing which public cloud provider to choose is no easy task. The first thing to understand is that the choice of an Infrastructure as a Service […]

Unlocking Insights: Power BI Sample Reports

power bi beispiel

Businesses in all sectors have recognized the benefits of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization. Microsoft’s Power BI platform is used by many organizations to leverage data. In particular, this platform enables data from a variety of sources to be analyzed, and reports and visualizations to be generated from the results. The interface is both simple […]

Unlocking the Power of Webhooks: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing Them with Python


Webhooks enable interaction between web applications, through the use of custom callbacks. This is what enables web applications to communicate with each other in an automated way. This contrasts with the traditional approach, in which a subject system continuously requests data from an observer system. With Webhooks, the observer system automatically sends data to the […]