Deep Learning Python: Unveiling the Basics

It’s highly likely that you use applications that make use of Deep Learning models in your day-to-day work. Translation, ocr, facial recognition… Many of your applications incorporate deep learning. This application of Deep Learning has been made possible by the availability of the large quantities of data that algorithms need to be effective, and by […]

AWS Skill Builder: everything you need to know about this training programme

AWS Skill Builder is a training programme created by Amazon Web Services to help professionals master its cloud services platform. Find out everything you need to know, and what the best alternatives are! Since its launch in 2006, Amazon Web Services has established itself as the pioneer and world leader in cloud services. The platform […]

Mastering Power BI DATEDIFF: Effortlessly Calculate Time Intervals

Power BI’s DAX functions can be used to perform a wide range of specific calculations on data. This is a vast collection of ready-to-use formulas that can be applied to any numbers, such as Power BI DATEDIFF. One of these DAX functions is DATEDIFF. It is used in Power BI to calculate time intervals between […]

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): the complete guide

Although agile project management methods are becoming increasingly popular within companies, not all teams use the same methods. So how do you coordinate the work of all your collaborators while maintaining a high level of agility? Simply use the Scaled Agile Framework. What is the Scaled Agile Framework? What are its founding principles? How does […]

Demystifying Spark Streaming: A Deep Dive into Its Functionality

Spark Streaming is an innovative solution for real-time data processing. It is a component of the Apache Spark framework that offers exceptional performance, scalability and reliability. This distributed real-time processing system has been designed to meet the most complex real-time data processing requirements. It enables complex analysis and transformation tasks to be performed on data […]

Optuna Unveiled: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning Optimization

Optuna is an automated search tool for optimising the hyperparameters of your Machine Learning models. Using different search methods and their combination, this library helps you identify the optimal hyperparameters. As a reminder, hyperparameters correspond to data that must be entered manually by the developer. This is in contrast to learning via training data. They […]

Python Nose: Streamlining Python Testing with a Unittest Extension

Python Nose is a Python-based test automation framework based on the standard unittest library. Find out more about its advantages and features, the differences between versions 1 and 2, and how to take a training course to master it! Python’s unittest module is used for unit testing of source code, particularly in the fields of […]

Essential Data Scientist Tools for your Daily Workflow

In the age of Big Data, a number of jobs have emerged, including that of Data Scientist. If you’ve never heard of them, then I recommend you read this article first, but for those of you who already know what a Data Scientist does, we’re going to look at the range of tools they use. […]