Flask – One of the most popular Python frameworks

Among the most popular frameworks, Flask stands out. Lightweight and powerful, it allows you to create applications in just a few lines of code. So, what is it? What are the advantages of Flask? And how does it work? The answers are in this article. What is Flask? Flask is an open-source micro-framework written in […]

Refactoring Databases and Code: comprehensive guide to the essentials

Code and databases refactoring is a technique commonly used in computer programming, and particularly in data engineering. It involves restructuring computer code without modifying its external behavior or functionality. Find out all you need to know about this method: definition, benefits, techniques, training… In computer programming, it is sometimes necessary to add a function to […]

Data Project Manager: Job responsibilities and opportunities

Traditional project managers focus on delivering a project on time, on budget and within scope. They try to plan most of the project upstream to avoid surprises during implementation. It’s important to know that project management in data teams focuses more on creating value through rapid development cycles and continuous feedback. Effective project managers can […]

Open SQL file : Complete tutorial

SQL files (Structured Query Language) hold code that outlines the structure and contents of a database. Opening a SQL file facilitates the execution of code to modify the database’s contents. The SQL file also includes commands for creating content, inserting, deleting, splitting, or updating data. Accessing a SQL file is swift when using MySQL or […]

The Power of Python Annotations: A Guide to Why and How You Should Use Them

Python annotations provide additional information on variables or functions. In particular, they can be used to improve code readability, or to detect errors via an IDE or third-party libraries. Find out all you need to know about Python annotations, and how to learn how to use them. Programming languages such as C, C++ or Java […]