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Lean Management: definition, benefits and tools

lean mangement

Many companies facing performance challenges are questioning their organizational and management approach. For some of them, implementing a lean management approach appears as a solution to rekindle productivity and profitability, particularly by focusing on waste reduction and value-seeking. What does lean management entail in concrete terms? This blog article reviews the key elements to know […]

CRUD: definition and operation


Closely linked to digital data management, CRUD is a computer acronym for stored data operations. It encompasses four basic operations for managing the relevance of data and applications: Create, Read, Update and Delete. The CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) is a fundamental concept in web development and holds significance throughout the field of computer science. […]

Datadog: The monitoring solution for DevOps teams

Datadog: The monitoring solution for DevOps teams

For IT and DevOps teams, Datadog offers a comprehensive monitoring solution. So, what exactly is it? What are the features of Datadog? We answer your questions. What is Datadog ? Datadog is a monitoring software that allows you to observe any application at different scales. Thanks to its AI-powered features, this tool helps you better […]

Excel VBA: How to automate tasks with this language

Excel VBA: How to automate tasks with this language?

VBA is an object-oriented programming language. VBA stands for Visual Basic For Applications. It is an integration of Visual Basic with Microsoft Office applications (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Word and MS Outlook). Running VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Microsoft Office applications allows you to automate repetitive tasks. VBA Excel methods and […]

Power Query: What is it? What’s it for?

power query

If data analysis is increasingly valued by companies, data analysts must undertake a significant amount of preparation work before they can make use of the available information. Fortunately, there are tools that facilitate data processing from various sources. This is particularly the case with Power Query. So, what is it? What is its purpose? What […]

Preprocessing: What is it? How does it work?

data preprocesisng

The proliferation of data acquisition and systematic processing has facilitated the rise of machine learning methods that require ample data for training and operation. While one might naively assume that having a large amount of data is sufficient for a high-performing algorithm, the data we have is often not well-suited, and preprocessing is typically necessary […]

OpenCV: everything you need to know about Computer Vision’s leading tool


OpenCV is an open-source library considered the standard tool for Computer Vision and Image Processing. Discover everything you need to know about this essential tool in Deep Learning. Over the past few years, significant progress has been made in the field of AI. However, these advancements primarily pertain to Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Image […]

Pytest for Python: Why and how to use it?


Why test your code? In a previous article, we discussed why unit tests are fundamental for ensuring the quality and proper functioning of code. As a reminder, unit tests are designed to independently test different parts of code, unlike integration tests that verify the functioning of the code as a whole. They also differ from […]

4 types of statistical bias to avoid in your analyses

There are four types of statistical bias that you should strive to avoid in your analyses: Selection Bias: This occurs when the sample used for analysis is not representative of the larger population you are trying to draw

Statistical bias can be defined as anything that leads to a systematic difference between the true parameters of a population and the statistics used to estimate these parameters. There is a long list of types of statistical bias. We’ve decided to present these four types to you, because they’re the ones we see most affecting […]

DevSecOps: How does it differ from DevOps?


DevSecOps is a software development methodology. It consists of adding security to the DevOps development cycle, already integrating teams of developers and operational teams of IT engineers. Find out everything you need to know about this approach: definition, benefits, best practices, training… In the past, before the advent of DevOps, companies typically checked the security […]

Datamart: Key characteristics and challenges


The management of Big Data has become a decisive challenge for companies, which need to have a high level of visibility over the flow of data produced, and to be able to respond to specific needs linked to different business lines. In a wide variety of business contexts, access to specialized data ordered according to […]