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Auto Refresh Power BI: How does it work?

Auto-refresh in Power BI allows you to keep your reports and dashboards up to date with the latest data from your data source. Here's how it works: Data Source Connectivity: Power BI connects to various data sources such as databases, web services, and files. These sources can be on-premises or cloud-based.

Having real-time data is essential for making the best decisions, regardless of the industry or company size. However, raw data is rarely analyzed as is. To provide decision-makers with accurate insights, data analysts create various reports. These reports must contain current data. This is where the auto-refresh Power BI report feature becomes valuable. What is […]

DeepFake, a dangerous tool on the rise


Ces derniers temps, le web est inondé de photos et de vidéos associées au mot DeepFake, mais de quoi s’agit-il réellement ? Le DeepFake, autrement appelé « hypertrucage », vient de la concaténation de “Deep Learning” et surprise… “Fake“. Il consiste à synthétiser des images ou des vidéos à partir d’autres images et vidéos totalement différentes afin de […]

Google Compute Engine: Usage, features and benefits

Google Compute Engine: Uses, features and benefits

To manage huge amounts of data, applications need tools that strike the right balance between affordability, scalability, performance and security, without adding extra workloads. Google Compute Engine makes this possible. So what’s it all about? What are GCE’s features? And what are its benefits? Find out in this article. What is Google Compute Engine ? […]

AWS Identity Access Management (IAM): how does it work?

AWS Identity Access Management (IAM): how does it work?

What is Amazon IAM? AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is AWS’s identity and access management service. When you use any Amazon AWS service, whether it’s web hosting, Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, etc., you will automatically go through an authentication phase, during which the IAM service will grant you varying levels of access based on […]

The Power BI ALLEXCEPT function


Power BI is a Business Intelligence and data visualization tool developed by Microsoft. It helps organizations make better data-driven decisions. Let’s have a look at the Power BI ALLEXCEPT function. Thanks to analysis, modeling, and customizable development, data processing becomes simpler. However, you may need to write a formula to tailor a table to your […]