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Power BI Direct Query vs Import: Which to choose?

Power BI Direct Query vs Import

Power BI Direct Query vs Import: When connecting data in Power BI, you have two choices: Direct Query vs. Power BI Import. To choose the ideal strategy, it’s important to be familiar with both methods, their advantages and disadvantages. Each method can be used depending on the type of report, but your organization needs to […]

Computational Resources: Definition, operation and role

Computational Resources

Computational Resources are essential in the world of computing and science, especially for Data Science. Find out everything you need to know. Computers and their ability to perform calculations play a crucial role in our modern world. They are the basis of many recent innovations such as digital simulation, machine learning, image recognition, artificial intelligence […]

API Rest: What is it? What’s it for?

API Rest: What is it? What's it for?

Today, web and mobile applications are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and performance of their applications. This is where REST APIs (API for Application Programming Interface and REST for REpresentational State Transfer) come in. REST APIs are programming interfaces that enable communication between different […]

DB-GPT, the solution against data leakage


As artificial intelligence models become more powerful and present in our daily lives, the risks to our privacy grow. That’s why a group of independent developers have created DB-GPT, the solution to data leakage. What is DB-GPT? DB-GPT is a project aimed at creating a complete private LLM solution for databases. It has been designed […]

Amazon Aurora: Overview of this cloud database

Amazon Aurora: Overview of this cloud database

Amazon Aurora is a relational database solution based on a cloud-native architecture designed to deliver high performance, high availability and flexible scalability, while reducing costs. Amazon Aurora is based on open-source technologies such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, enabling it to offer advanced functionalities, as we’ll see in this article. Amazon Aurora’s challenges are manifold. On […]

SQL UPDATE: Update data with this command

UPDATE SQL : Update data with this command

Because databases are constantly evolving, it’s essential to be familiar with the UPDATE SQL query. This allows you to modify one or more rows in your table. So how do you use it? We explain it all in this article. What is SQL UPDATE? The SQL UPDATE command is used to update data within a […]

SQL GROUP BY: Everything you need to know about this query

sql group by

One of the most useful SQL commands for data analysts is GROUP BY. It allows you to easily generate advanced statistics from categories. Suffice to say, it’s one of the 10 commands you’ll use the most, so you might as well know what it’s all about. SQL’s strengths are well established. This language offers an […]

Page Rank Algorithm: All you need to know

page rank

Are you familiar with the Page Rank algorithm? At the heart of Google positioning, let’s find out how it works You’ve probably wondered why certain web pages appear first when you make a query on a search engine. If you try to search for the term “python” in your Google search bar, the official python […]