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Data Literacy: why is it important for a company?

Data Literacy: why is it important for a company?

Data literacy is a hot topic in today’s society. Indeed, companies recognize a lack of awareness of the capabilities and importance of data within their teams. Data Literacy, which is the responsibility of the Chief Data Officer, must acculturate employees to data, and initiate the company’s transformation towards a data-centric orientation. According to a study […]

Beautiful Soup: Introduction to web scraping with Python

Beautiful Soup

As an Internet browser, we have access to a lot of information about customers, offers, share prices, physical phenomena and so on. This data can be read by users, but we’d like to be able to exploit it by transforming it into an operational format so that we can analyze it and make the most […]

Distributed Architecture: definition and relationship to Big Data

Distributed architecture

Distributed architectures are information systems that distribute and use available resources that are not located in the same place or on the same machine. In this article, we will explain in detail what these architectures are, their advantages over other architectures and how they are used in practice in Data Science. What is a distributed […]

Time series plot Python: The Tutorial

python temp

A time series is an array of data showing the evolution of a variable over time. In Python, this is often processed in the form of a Series Pandas indexed by a DateTime. This format makes for easy processing and visualization. Time series are used in many fields, such as astronomy and meteorology, but are […]

Bayesian optimization: Definition and operation

Bayesian optimization: Definition and operation

To define a predictive model, data scientists call on multiple observations. But while the study of these observations leads to an optimal result, data scientists often have little time to analyze all the hypotheses.So how do you find the right model in the shortest possible time? This is where Bayesian optimization comes in. What is […]