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Vim: The Comprehensive Guide to This Text Editor

Discover everything you need to know about Vim, including its features, commands, customization options, and tips for efficient text editing and navigation. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, this guide covers all aspects of Vim to help you master this powerful text editor.

While developers can create highly innovative applications and software, the vast majority of their work consists of editing text files. These communicate instructions to the machines responsible for executing the code. In this context, developers need to use tools that make it easier to enter code. These are known as text editors. The simpler and […]

Open Data, a goldmine accessible to all

Discover the transformative power of open data, its vast potential for innovation and accessibility, and how it serves as a valuable resource for individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide.

Open Data refers to all data published and collected by public administrations and businesses. This data is generally free or at very low cost, and is easily accessible. The obligation of information and transparency towards users ensured by the GDPR makes Open Data a democratic pillar but also a real economic challenge. This growing interest […]

Ubuntu: Everything you need to know about this Linux distribution


Born in 2004 from a vision by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical Ltd, Ubuntu takes its name from an ancient Zulu word meaning “humanity to others”. This African philosophy, centered on sharing and community, is perfectly reflected in the spirit of this free operating system, where everyone contributes and benefits collectively. Ubuntu’s journey, from its […]

Genetic algorithm: Discover the 6 steps

Genetic algorithm:

Since the dawn of time, living beings have demonstrated their ability to adapt to their ever-changing environment and improve from generation to generation. This ability to converge towards increasingly optimal solutions is precisely what inspires mathematics. In particular, genetic algorithms, which use natural selection processes to solve complex problems. Understanding the steps of the genetic […]

Fine Tuning: What is it? What is it used for in AI?

fine-tuning is a powerful technique in AI and ML for adapting pre-trained models to specific tasks or domains, enabling efficient

Le fine-tuning est une technique permettant de spécialiser un modèle pré-entraîné de Machine Learning sur une tâche spécifique. Découvrez tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur cette technique au cœur de l’intelligence artificielle !Fine-tuning is a technique for specializing a pre-trained Machine Learning model on a specific task. Find out all you need to know about […]

Instruction Tuning: What is fine-tuning?

Instruction Tuning: What is fine-tuning?

Instruction tuning is an innovative method of fine-tuning Large Language Models by adding specific instructions to example data. Find out why this approach has the potential to revolutionize AI! Over the past few years, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have evolved considerably. In particular, the way in which models are trained has changed. […]

Power Query SDK: everything you need to know about this development kit

Power Query SDK provides developers with the tools and resources to extend and customize Power Query, enabling organizations to

The Power Query SDK is the development kit for Power Query, the Microsoft query engine found in Excel and Power BI. It lets you create customized connectors for data sources. Find out what it’s for and how to use it! To take full advantage of data and the valuable information it contains, professionals today need […]

Apache Presto: everything you need to know about this distributed SQL query engine

Apache Presto: everything you need to know about this distributed SQL query engine

The ability to efficiently manage large datasets has become an unavoidable necessity. Apache Presto, a distributed SQL query engine designed for high-speed performance on huge data volumes, is the answer to this challenge. Initially developed by Facebook to meet their own massive data processing needs, Presto quickly evolved into the industry’s solution of choice, offering […]

Microsoft Power BI for corporate groups

Microsoft Power BI for corporate groups

After depicting the digital transformation of the finance function, that of chartered accountancy and auditing firms, in this article we will attempt to present a concrete example of a real-life situation. The main objective here is to understand how acculturation to a tool like Microsoft Power BI redefines the operational realities of a group of […]

Junior Data Scientist Jobs: How can you land one?

How do you land a job as a junior Data Scientist?

Worried about finding a job as a Junior Data Scientist? Don’t panic! Contrary to popular belief, being a Junior Data Scientist is far from being a handicap, and can actually be your greatest asset. Find out how to give yourself the best chance of landing one of the Junior Data Scientist Jobs. More and more […]

SARIMAX model: What is it? How can it be applied to time series?

SARIMAX model: What is it? How can it be applied to time series?

Time series analysis is a crucial methodology in many fields, such as finance, economics, meteorology and biology. Among the various approaches available, the SARIMAX (Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average + exogenous variables) model stands out as a powerful tool for modeling and forecasting both trends and seasonal variations in temporal data, while incorporating exogenous variables […]

Typing and Annotation in Python: How does it work?

Typing and annotations in Python provide a way to add type hints to functions, variables, and other objects, without actually

When you’re learning to code in Python, the question of typing is one that is rarely considered, whereas it’s unavoidable with a language like Java. So where does this “oversight” on the part of one of the most widely used programming languages of the last decade come from? To answer this question, it’s important to […]