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Data Analyst: Job Description, Duties, and Requirements

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With the advent of e-commerce and social networks, massive amounts of data have emerged. This is called Big Data. All this information has become crucial for companies to analyze competition, get feedback on their products/services and attract customers. To manage and collect these astronomical amounts of data, companies use data analysts and data scientists. They are at the heart of digital and digital issues today. The employability rate in data science is very high. Data training is also in demand because the data analyst profession has become indispensable for companies to remain competitive.

What are the missions of the Data Analyst ?

The data analyst collects data. Then it analyzes that data and makes it usable for the company. The data analyst explores all this data in order to find the most relevant ones. This is Data Mining. It must ensure the quality of the data and update it regularly. Like a consultant, he must, through his expertise, solve problems encountered by companies.

What skills are required to be a good Data Aanlyst?

Becoming a data analyst requires statistical learning. Indeed, the role of the data analyst is similar to that of a translator. It must translate abstract data into statistical data that the company can use for its marketing strategy or to monitor its competitors. He must also be proficient in programming software such as Python, Java or SQL

More globally, the Data Analyst must be rigorous, methodical and have significant analytical capabilities. Of course, he must be comfortable with numbers. A Data Analyst is versatile.

Be careful, the data analyst differs from the data scientist. The data scientist is able to process several different data sources while the data analyst extracts raw data from a single source. The data scientist also has more advanced skills in data visualization (data visualization). He also has machine learning skills.

Compensation and outlook

A data analyst begineer can make between $51,000 and $55,000 per year. Otherwise, a Data Analyst makes around $78,676 per year according to Burning Glass, $75,022 according to Indeed, and $61,122 according to PayScale. 

You should know the salary depends on the company in which you work and especially your level of skills. The data analyst has strong evolutionary prospects. It can become a data scientist by training in data visualization and machine learning. He can also become a data engineer after several years of experience. If you like management, it is also possible to go to the professions of Data security manager, Chief Data Officer or Master Data Officer.

Vacancies for a Data Analyst

The professional integration for a data analyst is excellent and the remuneration very attractive. Data analyst offers are flooding the labor market. The Big Data businesses are now considered to be future-oriented, secure and fast-growing. As for Linkedin, more than 2,000 offers have been published this summer alone. Chanel, Dior, Ikea, Amazon, Goldman and Sachs or BNP Paribas, all companies without exception are looking for data analysts. Whether you want to work in a small or large structure, in finance or luxury, you will find your happiness.

What are the advantages to work in Data Science ?

Beyond job security, the job of Data Analyst has the advantage of a good work/life balance. In addition, most interviewees feel that they have a good working environment and are fulfilled at work. If you have a real appetite for coding and statistics, this job is for you.

The offers are also very varied. Whether you are a young student looking for an apprenticeship contract, looking for an internship or a permanent contract, companies offer all kinds of offers.

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