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Data Science Bootcamp: Definition, training benefits

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In recent years, traditional training courses have had to face competition from Bootcamps, which have experienced strong growth. Bootcamps are intensive training courses held over a short period of time (usually 4 to 12 weeks). These courses are designed to meet the demands and requirements of the market. Unlike traditional training courses, Data Science Bootcamps are based on practice. You'll spend your days training non-stop to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Why choose a Data Science Bootcamp format?

A Data Science Bootcamp represents a considerable time-saver in a training program. The ratio of learning to time couldn’t be better. This format enables people wishing to re-enter the job market quickly to assimilate a multitude of skills in an intensive format, thus limiting the period of inactivity.

This format can also be appreciated by those already in employment, as it enables them to rapidly upgrade their skills. They can assimilate a multitude of notions and learn to handle new software so as to put them to good use in their company’s operations fairly quickly.


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Data Science Bootcamp at DataScientest: Example of the Data Analyst training course

At DataScientest in particular, the Data Science Bootcamp format is increasingly in demand. With this format, you can become a Data Analyst in just 9 weeks.

During a Data Analyst or Data Science Bootcamp course, DataScientest offers 100% distance learning in a hybrid format: you will be accompanied by your teacher as you complete the training objectives on the platform. You will be required to commit 35 hours per week.

There is also a project to be carried out during this Data Science Bootcamp. This project requires an investment of around 80 hours of work throughout the course. It will enable you to move from theory to practice, and also ensure that you have mastered the skills required for each module.

This project is also highly valued by companies, as it confirms the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your training.

In just a few weeks, you’ll not only obtain certification from Mines ParisTech PSL Executive Education, but also validate Block 3 of the state-recognized RNCP 36129 title “Project Manager in Artificial Intelligence“, which is a huge advantage on the job market.

If you would like to find out more about this format and start one of our Bootcamp courses soon, please contact a member of our admissions team who will be delighted to guide you through one of our Data Science courses.


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