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GitHub Course: Mastering the Platform Made Easy

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github course

A GitHub course enables you to learn how to use the Open Source service for hosting computer code and collaborative software development, owned by Microsoft. Discover why and how to pursue such a program.

In just a few short years, GitHub has become indispensable in the fields of software development, Data Science, data engineering, and Machine Learning.

This Open Source service, acquired by Microsoft in 2018, allows developers to host the computer code for their projects. Other users can suggest modifications, and the project’s author can decide whether to incorporate the suggested changes. This platform revolutionizes software development by introducing a collaborative dimension to it.

Why learn to use GitHub?

Mastering GitHub thanks to a GitHub Course is highly sought after by companies today. Having an influential presence on GitHub can be a significant asset on your CV.

This holds true for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, and, more broadly, for all computer programmers.

GitHub is now the most popular source code hosting service, and its growth continues unabated. Tens of millions of developers use it daily.

In addition to facilitating collaboration on project development, GitHub provides you with the opportunity to showcase your skills.

If your GitHub profile demonstrates your contributions to concrete projects, it serves as irrefutable evidence of your expertise in the eyes of recruiters. A valuable asset during job interviews.

There are thousands of Data Engineering and Machine Learning projects on GitHub. This is because version control functionality proves extremely useful for such projects. Therefore, it’s an essential tool for data engineering and Machine Learning.

How can I take a GitHub Course?

In summary, mastering GitHub is a highly sought-after skill by companies for developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Machine Learning Engineers. Knowing how to use this platform allows you to work collaboratively on projects or experiment freely thanks to version control.

To learn how to use GitHub and to take a GitHub Course, you can turn to the Data Engineer training program at DataScientest. This program offers you the opportunity to learn the profession of data engineer.

You will learn how to store, transform, and transmit large volumes of data, put Machine Learning models into production, and create data processing pipelines.

This training program provides you with the opportunity to learn the various facets of this profession: programming, databases, Big Data, automation, and deployment. You will also learn how to use Data Engineering tools such as GitHub.

This program follows a “Blended Learning” approach, with 85% of remote learning on our coached platform and 15% of mandatory in-person Masterclasses. You can choose between a continuous training program over 9 months or an intensive BootCamp program over 11 weeks. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a diploma certified by the University of Sorbonne.

If you are already a Data Scientist and wish to learn how to put Machine Learning models into production, we also offer a Machine Learning Engineer training program. Throughout this curriculum, you will learn how to version control your models with Git and GitHub, test and deploy them with Unit Testing and GitLab.

You now know why and how to pursue GitHub training. Explore other essential tools in Data Engineering and Machine Learning, such as the automation platform Apache Airflow or the software container solution Docker.

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