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Google partners with Adobe for a more ethical image generation

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Wednesday, May 10 was held at the Google I/O conference, the opportunity for Google to say more about its various projects. During this event, Google announced an association with Adobe, to allow a more ethical artificial image generation.

What is this association?

Rather than developing its image-generating AI, Google is turning to the experts in graphic design, Adobe. The two companies have agreed to integrate Abode’s generative AI, Firefly, with Google’s chatbot, Bard.

This association allows Google to catch up in this field, while putting forward an ethical image generation in a period of scandal towards generative AI. For its part, Adobe explains that this exchange will allow it to accelerate the design of Adobe Express, an application like Canva oriented social networks.

How does this integration work?

The partnership between Google and Adobe will allow Firefly to be used from the Google Bard chat window. Google also wants to prioritize the protection and respect of content creators. That’s why images created by Google Bard will use Firefly’s Content Credentials technology. This service allows linking information to an image, this proof allows content creators to prove the authenticity of their creation or their modifications.

This same tool will be found on each image generated by Google Bard, a way to reassure its creators and to stand out from competitors.

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Source : io.google

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