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GPT Mentions: personalised GPTs redefine the codes of conversation!

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GPT Mentions: personalised GPTs redefine the codes of conversation!

OpenAI has introduced a feature that allows paying ChatGPT users to add specialist GPTs directly to their conversations. Available from now on, this innovation, called GPT Mentions, makes it easier to access specialised answers by selecting the GPTs of your choice.

What does this integration involve?

The integration of OpenAI‘s GPT templates into third-party applications makes it easy for paying ChatGPT users to add specialist GPTs to their conversations. This is done by typing “@” in your chat bar and selecting the GPTs you want.

To add to your library of GPTs, visit the GPT Store, which was released a few weeks ago. This new OpenAI feature enhances the chat experience with more targeted and relevant responses to specific needs.

Illustration montrant deux files de personnes devant un magasin de technologie : une file entrant, impatiente d'explorer et acheter, et une autre sortant, portant des articles reflétant des intérêts variés comme les mathématiques, l'art, la science et le sport.

What are the potential derivatives?

With this advance, OpenAI is facing complications regarding content moderation and ethical issues. With the ease of adding specialised GPTs, there is an increased risk of creating content that is inappropriate or does not comply with OpenAI guidelines. But will this management be worth the cost? According to Similarweb research, GPTs are only used by 2.7% of the paying ChatGPT community, a rate that has been falling since November 2023.

Will developers be paid?

In a post announcing GPT Store, OpenAI explained that it wanted to set up a remuneration scheme for developers based on the number of bot downloads. Since then, no further news.

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Source : openai.com


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