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Mojo, the programming language revolution

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Mojo, the programming language revolution

The AI infrastructure company Modular has launched Mojo, a programming language that aims to combine Python with the performance of C.

What is Mojo?

Mojo is an innovative programming language that seeks to accelerate the development of future machine learning models. But, as processors are also equipped with AI accelerators, Modular decided that Mojo should support general programming and therefore the Python language.

Mojo is designed as a superset of Python and is compatible with existing Python programs. Basic Python features are supported, such as async/await, error handling and variadics, but other aspects of Python, such as classes, are still missing.


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What are Mojo's objectives?

The objectives of the language as a member of the Python family are as follows:

  • Full compatibility with the Python ecosystem.
  • Predictable performance and control.
  • The ability to deploy subsets of code on AI accelerators.
  • Avoid ecosystem fragmentation.

Mojo’s roadmap includes features such as tuple support, which is currently partially implemented. As well as keyword arguments in functions, better support for package management and standard library features such as canonical arrays and dictionary types. Full support for dynamic functions in Python classes is also planned, as is C/C++ interoperability.

The standard Mojo library, compiler and runtime are not yet available for local development. Modular has created a hosted development environment to test Mojo, the Mojo Playground.

Developers must register for access. In addition to this new programming language for AI development, another acceleration solution is being put in place: the creation of vector databases.

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Source: docs.modular.com

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