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Unlocking Productivity: A Guide to PhantomBuster and Its Practical Use

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Discover PhantomBuster, a powerful automation tool for web scraping and social media management. Learn how to

With the emergence of the Internet in recent years, social networks have become a must for companies wishing to develop their image and customer base. To help them do so, a number of companies offer services for automating and managing these networks. Among them, PhantomBuster stands out for its automated management and prospecting on social networks.

In this article, discover all PhantomBuster’s features and how to make the most of them.

What is PhantomBuster?

PhantomBuster is a prospecting and social network management software. It automates numerous digital marketing processes, thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Founded in 2016, the company now has over 100,000 partner companies, including Pinterest, Qonto and Upflow.

With its AI, PhantomBuster exports and saves thousands of specific profiles according to the company’s needs. It can connect to several social networks at the same time, such as LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, and target hundreds of people in just a few minutes. In addition to prospecting, PhantomBuster also manages social network publishing, tracking and data transfer between platforms.

This powerful web scraping and lead generation tool is a complete solution for teams wishing to develop their digital marketing strategies.

What are its features?

Integration, harvesting tools and automation :

PhantomBuster can integrate phantom agents on over a dozen social networks, including LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Reddit and Github.

Depending on the social network chosen, a wide range of tools can be installed. For example, some forty tools can be installed on LinkedIn, all of which can be controlled from the software or its API.

The tools can be lead-finding algorithms, automatic message senders or marketing network boosters, and there are also ready-to-use workflows for developing a company’s brand image.

PhantomBuster can also connect to a company’s CRM for comprehensive tracking and data transfer. It supports HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive CRMs, so these platforms can be updated automatically.

It is also possible to integrate prospecting tools such as Hunter, Dropcontact and Snov.io to improve the writing of e-mails sent from PhantomBuster.

An API for developers :

As part of its offer, PhantomBuster provides access to its API for developers. Configuring this API offers several advantages:

  1. Start or stop lead generation processes.
  2. Create or modify automation scripts.
  3. Get real-time console results on status reports and agent messages.
  4. Extract records from users, agents or scripts.

Chrome extension :

The software has a chrome extension to allow you to retrieve your session cookies.

Performance analysis and coaching :

The platform also offers a personalized coaching service. These sessions are led by certified PhantomBuster coaches and experienced sales, marketing, recruitment and entrepreneurship professionals. Sessions can be booked by making an appointment on the platform or on the PhantomBuster website.

How much does PhantomBuster cost?

Payment for PhantomBuster is by monthly or yearly subscription. If you choose a yearly subscription, you’ll receive a 20% discount on all offers. Before subscribing, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial, but not of all features.

There are 3 types of subscription and the 14-day free trial:

  1. Team subscription at $439/month, $352/year: designed for digital marketing teams looking to rapidly scale their growth strategy. It includes 50 phantom slots, 300 hours of execution per month, and priority support with a dedicated consultant.
  2. Pro Subscription at $159/month, $128/year: this subscription is for companies looking to optimize their processes and grow faster. It offers 15 slots, 80 hours of execution and 30k AI credits. What’s more, it includes priority support and a dedicated expert (for annual billing only).
  3. Starter subscription at $69/month, $56/year: perfect for those who want to develop and automate their lead generation. It includes 5 pitches, 20 hours of execution per month, or around 2,000 leads per month, and 500 messaging credits.
  4. 14-day free subscription: for those wishing to test the platform before thinking about subscribing, 5 phantom slots, usable for 2 hours, and 50 messaging credits are included.

By now you’re familiar with all the features of PhantomBuster, the artificial intelligence-powered social network lead generation and automation software. If you’re looking for new data marketing solutions or training in this field, don’t hesitate to consult our articles or our data marketing training on DataScientest.

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