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Xplenty: The key points of this data integration system

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Processing, transforming and integrating Big Data can complicate business. Factors such as scale, complex file formats, connectivity and API access can add to the difficulties. Often, it requires coding and an entire IT team to deploy.

But a data integration platform can help you meet these challenges head-on.

The key lies in well-designed data flows that can handle both structured and unstructured data.

You also need your platform to have the ability to integrate with a variety of sources. One of the best of these platforms is Xplenty.

Why is Xplenty a better ETL platform than others?

Xplenty is an ETL Extract Transform Load platform equivalent to Amazon Redshift, based on Amazon S3, Snowflake and Panoply, among others. It requires no coding or deployment. It features a point-and-click interface for simple data integration, processing and preparation.

It also connects to a wide variety of data sources and has all the functionality you need to perform data analysis from your data warehouse.

Xplenty entered the data integration scene in 2012. Since then, Xplenty has helped thousands of users organize their data and prepare it to derive business-critical insights. In 2018, the company launched its new platform.

This includes numerous updates such as advanced search options, new data feeds and more. Today, Xplenty presents itself as the most advanced SecurETL platform.

Xplenty’s solution is invaluable for companies of all sizes, data managers and engineers, as well as IT departments.

In short, anyone who needs a single platform for data integration can make use of Xplenty’s features and benefits. Removing the tedium of creating data streams allows you to focus on what’s essential when it comes to your data: analysis, information and business value.

There are many advantages to using a data integration platform like Xplenty. But, as with all platforms and applications, it also has some limitations depending on your specific needs.

What are Xplenty's features?

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Xplenty helps companies design and execute complex data pipelines in just a few clicks. To achieve this, the platform comes with a variety of tools and services:

Data integration

Xplenty’s SecurETL platform comes with a comprehensive toolkit designed to help design and install data integration processes. You can do everything from simple replication to complex data preparation. The point-and-click interface facilitates transformation tasks, saving you time and effort.

The platform also lets you :

  • Schedule tasks
  • Monitor job progress and status
  • Examples of data output
  • Execute both the user interface

Marketing analysis solution

Xplenty also offers a marketing analysis solution, helping you to create complete marketing campaigns, effective reports or even business projections. The solution works by integrating all your critical data sources on a single platform.

The idea is to ensure that your marketing data is up-to-date, transparent and accurate. Regardless of whether your data comes from social media, your CRM or elsewhere, you get a holistic marketing view to help you improve and deepen your marketing campaigns.

Xplenty can use data from a variety of sources, including a number of social media platforms. So you can easily increase conversions and improve your marketing strategies.

Sales analysis solution

Xplenty helps you better understand your customers’ needs. For companies, this enables them to produce more effective and transparent sales efforts.

The idea is to bring all your sales data together in one place, so you know everything there is to know.

This includes an understanding of the product or service your customer is looking for. It also provides insight into your customer’s life-cycle stage and relationship with you.

By centralizing your sales metrics and tools, you avoid duplicate and obsolete information. You also gain a better understanding of your target customers and prospects.

Customer support analysis solution

Xplenty enables you to make your customer support efforts more effective. The platform helps you integrate your customer support data with external data. This includes data from social networks and your CRM.

In fact, Xplenty helps you integrate your customer support data with external data so you can avoid data silos and ensure that your data is always cleansed, aggregated and filtered. This prevents you from sending customers irrelevant or unproductive information. Instead, you can target your customer’s weak points and interests.

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