The VAR model: From business approach to results plotting

Introduction Definition of the VAR Model: Equation & Significance Library Import and Setup Stationarity: What Is It and Why Is It Important The Model and Lag/Variable Convergence Selecting Variables Selecting the Optimal Lag Prediction with the Best Model and Result Visualization Conclusion 1. Introduction Welcome to this explanatory article about the VAR model. We will […]

Mastering NLTK: Your Ultimate Guide to Python’s NLP Toolkit

NLTK is a Python library dedicated to Natural Language Processing. Find out everything you need to know to master this tool. Interaction between humans and machines has long involved keyboards and computer code. But what if it were possible to communicate with a computer solely in writing or orally in natural language, just as you […]

DevOps Canary deployment: A closer look

In the software testing phase, DevOps often needs several versions to identify bugs and make the necessary corrections. But depending on budget, requirements or simply the tools available, the deployment strategy varies. In this article, we take a closer look at the Canary DevOps release. So what’s involved? What are the other methods? How does […]

Cisco DevOps Training: Content and skills

As a leader in wireless communications, Cisco is present in thousands of companies worldwide. Business experts with a perfect command of Cisco tools therefore enjoy an undeniable advantage on the job market. This is precisely why Cisco offers its Cisco DevOps training. Why take Cisco DevOps training? Originally, DevOps was more a philosophy that encouraged […]

Business Analyst: definition, missions, training, salary

If there’s one job that has been revolutionized by the Big Data era, it’s that of Business Analyst. Exploiting data is now an integral part of the job, and mastering data analysis techniques is now often a necessity. Let’s take a closer look at this profession through its missions, skills requirements and recent developments. What […]

SVM (Support Vector Machines) Unveiled: Understanding, Implementation, Significance

Welcome to the first part of this mini-series dedicated to SVM. When we think of Machine Learning, we generally think of recent methods that are still poorly understood and used empirically, like a sorcerer’s apprentice. Indeed, genetic algorithms, neural networks, boosting… these algorithms are often described as “black boxes”. In other words, while it’s easy […]

Digital marketing: definition, professions, training

Today, digital marketing is no longer a novelty: it represents a new standard in customer acquisition. Thanks to the measures available to track the profitability of advertising investments, webmarketing (another name for digital marketing) has completely changed advertising in the 21ᵉ century. It also represents the adaptation of advertising to the uses of consumers who […]

Digital Strategy: Definition, development, implementation

When it comes to developing a company’s reputation, the world of digital seems inescapable. Spoiler Alert: it is! Indeed, a strong presence on the Internet has become essential for any company wishing to grow and reach a wider audience. But what exactly is a digital strategy? How can you optimize your digital presence? How do […]

Microservices: Definition, operation, benefits

Microservices architecture is an innovative approach to software development that has gained in popularity in recent years. This solution involves dividing an application into several small, simple and independent services. But why opt for such an architecture? In this article, find out what microservices are, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they can be implemented […]

Customer Segmentation: All you need to know

To sell, companies need to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. But how can this be done when customers are so different from one another? Simply use customer segmentation. What’s it all about? What’s in it for me? How do you implement it? Find out all you need to […]

Bitcoin: How it works, its advantages and limitations

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today. And it’s as popular with seasoned traders as it is with budding investors. So what exactly is it? How does Bitcoin work? What are its advantages? And the drawbacks? Find out in this article. What is Bitcoin? A reminder about cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (in […]