PyWin32: Unveiling the Python Extension Exclusively for Windows Systems

PyWin32 is a Python library that lets you access the low-level features of the Windows operating system, its specific functions and its APIs via bindings. Find out all you need to know: history, presentation, use cases, alternatives, training… The Python language was designed as a cross-platform language. Originally, however, it was difficult for developers to […]

SymPy: everything you need to know about the Python symbolic computation library

SymPy is a Python library dedicated to symbolic mathematics. Find out all you need to know about this useful tool for Data Science! Mathematics is essential in Data Science. Fortunately, there are many Python libraries dedicated to this discipline, such as NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow. When it comes to mathematical symbols, the most popular […]

IPython: Discover the Python shell at the heart of Jupyter Notebook

IPython is an enhanced version of the standard Python shell, offering many additional features. Find out more about its history, its benefits and its close links with Project Jupyter. The standard Python distribution offers a “REPL” (Read-Evaluate-Print Loop) environment in the form of the Python shell with the ” ” prompt. However, the IPython (Interactive […]

Power BI Python: Harnessing the Synergy of tools Data Science

Power BI Python: Python can be integrated with Power BI to leverage the Data Science capabilities of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. Find out how to combine Python and Power BI, what the possibilities are, and how to take a training course to learn how to master them. The Python programming language is one of the […]

Unveiling the Future: A Comprehensive Guide to the Open AI API

To maintain its position as the preceptor of language models, Open AI is developing new features for its API. These include the addition of the recently enhanced ChatGPT and Whisper templates to provide the best experience for developers.What are the improvements to ChatGPT and Whisper? In the Open AI API, Open AI has published the […]

Synergies Unveiled: The Dynamic Intersection of Data Science and Finance

Data Science is shaking up the world of finance. Find out how data science is being used by this sector, and how to become a financial Data Scientist to combine the best of both world: Data Science and Finance Thanks to Data Science, the finance industry is undergoing a veritable upheaval. By analyzing data, companies […]

How to freeze rows in Excel: A quick and easy tutorial

Large data sets can be easily analyzed and organized using Microsoft Excel. But it is very useful to know How to freeze rows in Excel… However, when working with large spreadsheets, it’s easy to lose track of what each column or row represents. For data analysis, good visibility is essential. But when spreadsheets comprise several […]

Dropdown Excel: How does it work?

An essential function in Excel, the Dropdown Excel list facilitates data entry on spreadsheets, minimizing errors. But how do you create a drop-down list in Excel? Find out the answers. What is a Dropdown Excel List? The Dropdown Excel feature that creates a list of predefined choices in a cell. In this way, the user […]

Excel If Function: what is it for and how do I use it?

The Excel If function returns different results, depending on whether a test criterion is true or false. Find out all you need to know about this Excel function, widely used for data analysis. One of Excel’s great strengths is its vast catalog of functions, making it easy to apply specific operations to data cells. This […]

Top 10 native Python functions

In this article, you’ll discover a dozen native Python functions (buit-in) that are sure to come in very handy! Just starting out in Python programming? You’ll find all the Python programming basics in our article.As a reminder, native functions are functions that do not require the import of an additional library in order to be […]

Data Science Bootcamp: Definition, training benefits

In recent years, traditional training courses have had to face competition from Bootcamps, which have experienced strong growth. Bootcamps are intensive training courses held over a short period of time (usually 4 to 12 weeks). These courses are designed to meet the demands and requirements of the market. Unlike traditional training courses, Data Science Bootcamps […]

Python programming for dummies – Episode 1

Table of Contents: Episode 1 Introduction Variables Types Episode 2 –Operators– Loops– Functions Episode 3 – Data Import – Data Cleaning – Data Processing Episode 4 –Python Library Import –Data Import –Handling Missing Values Python Cheat Sheet Are you interested in programming? Would you like to learn the basics of a commonly used programming language […]