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DAX Studio: everything you need to know about the DAX language query analysis tool

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dax studio

Les outils analytiques modernes comme Power BI sont conçus pour délivrer des résultats d'analyse de façon rapide et dynamique. Toutefois, un problème dans le modèle de données ou des calculs trop complexes peuvent ralentir la production du rapport.

The DAX language is at the heart of Microsoft Power BI and the Power Platform. It is used to run queries to interrogate data.

However, before producing results, DAX goes through a number of complex stages and can produce results that differ from those expected. To optimise DAX code, you can opt for the DAX Studio tool.

Qu'est-ce que DAX ?

DAX or Data Analysis Expressions is Power BI’s query language. It is a formula expression language.

This language, developed by Microsoft, enables you to interact with data from a wide variety of platforms, such as Power BI, Analysis Services and Power Pivot on Excel. It is designed to be simple and easy to learn, while allowing you to take advantage of the power and flexibility of tabular models.

What is DAX Studio?

DAX Studio is an easy-to-use tool for writing, executing and analysing DAX queries on Power BI, Power Pivot for Excel or Analysis Services Tabular. It is an open-source tool developed by SQLBI, available on GitHub. The project was originally created by Darren Gosbell, but many contributors have helped to improve it.

With DAX Studio, you can measure and improve the speed of DAX queries. DAX queries can be run and copied using the Analyze Performance option on Power BI Desktop. The user receives valuable information about what the data model is showing.


How do I use DAX Studio?

A simple Google search is all it takes to find DAX Studio and download it free of charge from the official website. Run the program as an administrator, and choose whether you want to connect to a PBI file or a tabular server.

After installation, you will also have the option of installing add-ins for Excel, so that you can establish a PowerPivot Model connection. You can also connect the studio to Azure data analysis cloud services. Then click on the “Connect” button.

From the DAX Studio interface, you can analyse query performance and optimise DAX code. By configuring the data model, you can improve speed and performance.

The VertiPaq Analyzer provides information on the data model from the VertiPaq storage engine. The data is compressed to speed up the DAX code. Within DAX Studio, a Format Query button can also be used to make query code more comprehensible.

How do you master Power BI and DAX Studio?

The DAX Studio is an ideal tool for optimising DAX code on PowerBI and improving the performance of analytical queries. Handling this tool is a real advantage when using Power BI.

In general, Power BI is used by many companies and mastering it is a highly sought-after skill. To learn how to use Power BI and DAX Studio, DataScientest is the place to be.

Our Power BI training course teaches you how to use Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. The various modules cover data transformation with Power Query, data modelling and the DAX language, data visualisation and workspace management.

At the end of this intensive three-day course, you will have become an expert in Power BI and will sit the DA-100/ PL-300 exam to obtain the associated Microsoft Data Analysis certification. A mock exam is included to help you prepare.

Like all our courses, this distance learning course uses a blended learning format combining individual coaching on our online platform and a Masterclass.

The only prerequisites are a good command of English and knowledge of a Business Intelligence tool. Our courses are eligible for funding options. Don’t wait any longer and discover DataScientest’s Power BI training!

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