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Prompt Engineering Certification: why and how to become an expert in generative AI?

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Prompt Engineering Certification: why and how to become an expert in generative AI?

A Prompt Engineering certification enables you to acquire and demonstrate professional expertise in the fast-growing field of generative AI. Find out why and how to obtain such a title, and which are the best!

Generative AI is not just an evolution, but a revolution in the field of computer science. And why?

Because for the first time, it is no longer necessary to use computer language to talk to computers. Artificial intelligence models like GPT understand natural language.

So to give them instructions or query them, there’s no need to write lines of code. All you have to do is write a sentence in English, French or any other language: the prompt.

However, to obtain the desired result, you need to formulate your sentence clearly, concisely and in detail. This is a real discipline, known as Prompt Engineering.

Professionals who have mastered this art are highly sought after by companies wishing to tame generative AI.

However, many job applicants lie about their true skill level.

That’s why employers are increasingly favouring one category of candidate: those who can demonstrate real mastery of AI through certification.

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering encompasses the entire process of designing and improving prompts for generative AI models.

It is the skill of writing a high-quality prompt that is accurate and complete enough to guide artificial intelligence to produce exactly the result you want.

This skill is essential for anyone considering using AI to create text, computer code, images or any other type of content.

As this technology becomes more and more integrated into all sectors of activity, Prompt Engineering is increasingly valued by employers.

Why try to obtain a Prompt Engineering Certification?

At first glance, you might think that certification isn’t necessarily important in the still nascent field of generative artificial intelligence.

After all, you only need to learn how to master tools like ChatGPT to be able to use them in your professional life. Wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, this sector is already extremely competitive and there are many promising engineers vying for the top jobs in prestigious companies.

By passing a recognised and reputable certification exam, you’ll not only be guaranteed real skills, but also the ability to prove your knowledge of the subject.

This can really boost your credibility as a Prompt Engineer in the eyes of employers, customers or colleagues. Let’s take a look at the best certifications!

The best Prompt Engineer certifications

Although generative AI is a recent technology, there are already many certifications for prompt engineers. Here’s a roundup of the most widely recognised.

Davidson College: AI Prompt Engineering for Beginners

Aimed at beginners, this online course teaches you how to use language AI tools such as ChatGPT and improve your prompt engineering skills.

It allows content creators and other professionals looking to exploit AI to discover the basics and receive a certification badge in just one week.

Vanderbilt University : Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

This 18-hour course provides an introduction to the different approaches to writing effective prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs).

You will learn techniques for making prompts to achieve accurate and relevant results, and unlock the full potential of AI systems to create applications that meet all your needs.

Google Cloud : Introduction to Large Language Models

As the inventor of pre-tuned Transformers like GPT, Google is well placed to introduce you to the technology of Large Language Models.

This certification takes just one hour to complete, and covers the applications of LLMs and the importance of using prompt tuning to increase their performance.

It also covers Google tools for developing applications based on generative AI. Even if it is not directly dedicated to prompts engineering, it is a very good way to get fundamental knowledge on the subject.

Understanding the basics of AI language models will give you a better grasp of the essence of Prompt Engineering. You can then extend your skills with training like that offered by DataScientest!

What’s more, Google Cloud also offers a number of different courses via its Skills Boost programme, including one dedicated to developers. This is also an opportunity to get to grips with generative AI tools.

OpenAI : ChatGPT - Guide message engineering for developers

What could be more credible than an AI certification delivered by the creator of ChatGPT himself? Developed in partnership with DeepLearning.AI, this course gives you hands-on experience with the OpenAI API while learning about Prompt Engineering best practices.

This is a certification aimed at developers, but no prior knowledge of AI is necessary. The only prerequisite is a working knowledge of the Python language.

This one-hour course covers the entire communication cycle between humans and AI, including the methodical construction and refinement of prompts and underlying data structures.

The aim? To equip developers with all the tools they need to make the most of ChatGPT, by designing efficient prompts that produce more accurate, relevant and consistent results.

IBM : AI Engineering Professional Certificate

As a world-renowned IT giant, IBM delivers qualifications that are highly recognised by employers.

In the field of prompt engineering, the firm now offers the AI Engineering Professional Certificate course. This course will enable you to learn more about Machine Learning and generative AI.

It focuses on the refinement of prompts for generative AI models, making it a great choice for budding prompt engineers.

By gaining experience in implementing machine learning models for real-world problems, they will be able to better understand how these complex systems work.

In particular, you will learn about the algorithms and statistical models used by researchers to perform specific tasks without explicit instructions.

The programme also covers the various applications of generative AI and their operating principles, as well as the different types of neural networks such as GANs (generative adversarial networks).

Blockchain Council : Certified Prompt Engineer

With a strong reputation in its field, the Blockchain Council is now offering a Prompt Engineering certification. It covers all the skills required to excel as a prompt engineer.

You’ll discover all the computer science fundamentals needed to develop robust AI systems, and be able to explore generative artificial intelligence concepts in depth.

This course also provides an understanding of how different types of AI models work, and techniques on how to create effective prompts to guide AI models to the desired results.

To earn your Certified Prompt Engineer badge, however, you will need to pass an exam consisting of 100 questions. You will need to tick at least 60 correct answers to qualify.

You can retake the exam the next day if you fail, but you’ll only have three attempts in all.

So to prepare properly, it’s best to take a course!

Conclusion: Prompt Engineering certification, the key to working in AI

By enabling you to demonstrate your skills in prompt engineering, Prompt Engineering’s certification can help you stand out from the crowd in the eyes of employers.

It’s the key to entering the artificial intelligence sector and starting an exciting, forward-looking career.

If you want to acquire real expertise, you can choose DataScientest! Our Prompt Engineering & Generative AI course will teach you how to design and formulate prompts for the best AI tools.

This includes ChatGPT for text generation, Canva and DALL-E for images, ElevenLabs for audio, but also tools for generating videos or creating a website.

In just two days, this distance learning course, which is eligible for the funding options and will prepare you to obtain the most renowned Prompt Engineering certifications! Discover DataScientest!

Now you know all about Prompt Engineering certification. For more information on the same subject, read our full report on ChatGPT and our report dedicated to the Prompt Engineer profession!

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