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AWS Cloud Quest: A role-playing game for cloud computing training


AWS Cloud Quest is a 3D role-playing game created by Amazon, to make learning how to use the Amazon Web Services cloud fun. Find out everything you need to know: presentation, benefits, how it works...

It’s a proven fact: you learn better when you’re having fun. According to a study conducted by TalentLMS, 83% of employees who receive fun training feel more motivated. Similarly, eLearning Learning reveals that this type of training increases productivity by 50%.

Aware of the benefits of making training fun, Amazon has created AWS Cloud Quest: a video game for learning how to use the cloud.


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What is AWS Cloud Quest?

AWS Cloud Quest is a 3D role-playing game for learning about the Amazon Web Service cloud. It’s a fun way to learn how to master this platform.

First, the player chooses from various roles: cloud practitioner, serverless developer, solution architect, Machine Learning specialist, security specialist or data analysis specialist.

He or she must then learn and apply cloud skills to help the citizens of his or her virtual city.

Challenges include videos, quizzes and hands-on exercises based on realistic business scenarios.

As the adventure unfolds, the participant discovers the various AWS services and learns how to build cloud solutions. Once they have successfully completed all the quests, they receive a digital badge to demonstrate their expertise.

This innovative learning tool is aimed at both beginners and cloud professionals wishing to acquire new specialist skills.

The project is part of Amazon’s strategy to invest several hundred million dollars to enable 29 million people to learn about cloud computing by 2025.

Why is AWS Cloud Quest interesting?

AWS Cloud Quest offers several major advantages. Firstly, it’s an excellent way of acquiring the cloud skills that companies are looking for. This is because you need to use role-specific knowledge to achieve the objectives set by the game.

It’s also a way of learning by doing. Participants will have to build solutions within an AWS environment, first by letting themselves be guided step by step, then by conducting their own experiments.

What’s more, it’s a fun way to learn. You can customize your avatar, collect gems and learn new concepts while fighting enemies and solving puzzles.

The 4 sections of the Solution Center

To complete the AWS Cloud Quest, you’ll need to visit the Solution Center: a hands-on lab where you can build a cloud solution.

The process is divided into four stages.

First, the learning section lets you interact with a diagram of solutions to be built, and watch videos on the concepts and services to be used.

The second planning stage involves using the architecture diagram to imagine a solution for the challenge at hand. The next step is practice in the lab, guided by files and instructions provided by AWS.

Finally, the last “DIY” section involves solving a challenge based on the skills acquired in the practice lab. Once you’ve completed these four steps, you’ll have finished the quest.

AWS Cloud Quest badges

The various AWS Cloud Quest roles enable you to acquire specific skills, and earn a digital badge enabling you to demonstrate this expertise to employers or on social networks.

The Cloud Practitioner role requires an understanding of fundamental cloud concepts, and the ability to build solutions on AWS. It requires a grasp of the main computing, networking, database and cybersecurity services.

To earn the Solutions Architect badge, you’ll need to deepen your knowledge of the various AWS services and learn how to build secure, fault-tolerant and highly available solutions.

For their part, serverless developers need to know how to build modern serverless applications using the technology offered by Amazon Web Services.

The Machine Learning badge requires the ability to build solutions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services. It requires experience in model training, reinforcement learning, anomaly detection, computer vision and text-to-speech.

To earn the security badge, you need to know how to use AWS security services to build solutions for incident response, data loss prevention, vulnerability detection and rapid remediation.

Finally, the data analytics badge involves working with scalable data lakes, data warehouses and Big Data analytics tools with AWS services.

Conclusion: a fun way to prepare for AWS certifications

Many professionals use AWS Cloud Quest to prepare for an AWS certification exam. It’s an original and innovative learning tool.

Conversations with the game’s characters help to discover how to build solutions on AWS, and the pre-configured environment offers the freedom to practice and learn.

As users learn new concepts, they must then apply them, rather than simply imitate. A variety of challenges and fun elements keep users motivated throughout.

To learn how to master the Amazon cloud, you can also turn to DataScientest. Our training course enables you to prepare for AWS certification.

In this four-day course, you’ll learn how to leverage AWS services to make an infrastructure scalable, identify procedures for migrating to the cloud, and design solutions that integrate security, authentication and access functions with AWS.

The course is divided into five modules. It begins with an introduction to the AWS cloud, followed by a presentation of fundamental concepts such as discovering cloud services, securing and protecting infrastructure, and assessing data compliance and security.

You’ll then take your first steps on the AWS architecture, before learning how to design network architectures with Amazon VPC. Finally, you’ll discover how to enhance and automate these architectures.

The objectives of this training course are to learn how to set up a cloud project, develop applications from AWS, design resilient and secure architectures, and automate tasks.

As a member of the AWS partner network, DataScientest holds the title of Amazon Training Partner, guaranteeing its ability to train teams on the products and services of this cloud platform. All our instructors hold Amazon Authorized Instructor status.

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