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Machine Learning Engineer Bootcamp: Why is it interesting?

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Machine Learning Engineer Bootcamp: Why is it interesting?

In a previous article, we showed just how indispensable Machine Learning Engineers are to companies, to the extent that the number of job offers has increased 10-fold between 2012 and 2019. In this article, we'll talk about the benefits of opting for a bootcamp to become a Machine Learning Engineer.

The job of Machine Learning Engineer is highly sought-after by companies, and its essential nature in the business world is no longer in doubt. Anyone who ignores this very specific branch of artificial intelligence would be depriving themselves of powerful software for their business.

Indeed, the Machine Learning Engineer is similar to the Data Scientist and Data Engineer in that all three are able to manipulate large dynamic databases, enabling them to create highly complex models. But the Machine Learning Engineer goes one step further: he or she designs “self-running” software to automate predictive models. To understand what Machine Learning is, we invite you to watch our video :

Why train as a Machine Learning Engineer?

The frenetic pace at which data accumulates is intensifying day by day, with the evolution of new technologies (the Internet of Objects, social networks, mobile internet…). Machine Learning helps to process these vast quantities of data, thanks to its powerful mechanisms such as image processing, which enables images to be recognized by algorithms that self-improve as they are recognized. In short, Machine Learning is indispensable to any data project.

It’s easy to see why more and more people want to train as Machine Learning Engineers. Among data science training courses, Machine Learning Engineer is becoming increasingly popular. This is understandable when you look at the average salary for a MLE according to Glassdoor, at $114,000 in the USA and 47,741 euros in France, and this at the start of the career. To find out more, see our article on Machine Learning Engineer salaries.


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