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What is Power BI Embedded?

What is Power BI Embedded?

When you use Power BI, you benefit from the latest features available in a data analysis and visualization tool, including its extensive integration capabilities and wide range of possibilities. Power BI is available in a range of services and licenses, with different functionalities and uses, such as Power BI Embedded. Power BI is one of […]

All you need to know about the Power BI CALCULATE function

About Power BI's CALCULATE function

Visual Analytics is the union of data analysis and visualizations. This problem-solving approach aims to facilitate complex, high-level activities such as reasoning and data-driven decision-making, for example with he Power BI Calculate function. All this by integrating interactive visual representations with the underlying analytical processes. Power BI is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool and Visual […]

Power BI waterfall chart: Overview and use cases

Explore the world of Power BI waterfall charts with our comprehensive guide. Understand the ins and outs of this visualization tool, discover its features, and learn how to leverage it effectively in various use cases. Elevate your data visualization game with practical insights and real-world applications.

The Power BI waterfall chart is a type of DataViz that visualizes changes between an initial value and a final value. Find out all you need to know about this graph: presentation, benefits, tutorial, training… To visualize data, bar and column charts are ideal for initial and final values. However, this type of diagram doesn’t […]

Our Guide to Power BI KPI – Definition and Purpose

Power BI & KPIs: what is it? What are they for?

Whether it’s to analyze the performance of a marketing campaign, track a company’s financial results or monitor employee absence, it’s essential to use measurement tools. Or more precisely, KPIs. The Power BI business intelligence solution helps you visualize and analyze your performance indicators. Find out all you need to know about Power BI KPIs. What […]

CONCATENATE function in Power Query: Full tutorial


While Power Query offers a multitude of functions, some are not directly accessible from the ribbon. This is precisely the case with the CONCATENATE function, which allows you to merge several columns. So how do you use CONCATENATE in Power Query? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article. What is the CONCATENATE […]

Datalore: The collaborative Data Science platform


To simplify the work of data scientists and data analysts, there’s datalore. This collaborative platform offers intelligent coding assistance. But what does it actually do? Find out in this article. What is Datalore? Datalore is a collaborative data science platform.The aim is to facilitate the dissemination of insights to help data scientists and data analysts […]

INSERT INTO SQL: Insert data with this SQL query

INSERT INTO: Insert data with this SQL query

To insert data into your SQL table, you can use the INSERT INTOSQL query. But how does it work? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article. What is an INSERT INTO SQL request? INSERT INTO SQL is one of the most commonly used commands in the SQL language. And with good reason: […]

Empowering Natural Language Processing with Hugging Face Transformers API

Hugging Face

For years, AI has been attracting growing interest with the performance achieved through machine learning (Machine Learning) and, more particularly, deep learning (Deep Learning). These technologies have played a decisive role in the evolution of natural language processing (NLP). They have helped automate the most common NLP tasks, such as word and sentence classification, text […]

XAI or eXplainable Artificial Intelligence: What is it about?


One of the great challenges of Machine Learning is to produce systems capable of explaining their decisions and actions to human users. Thus, the explicability of Artificial Intelligences (XAI) has become one of the challenges of Machine Learning and is now an integral part of the job of Data Scientists, who are called upon to […]

The use of Power BI in Start-Ups

power bi startup

Having already described the digital transformation of the finance function, that of public accounting and auditing firms, in this article we’ll attempt to present a concrete example of a real-life situation. The main objective here is to understand how acculturation to a tool like Microsoft Power BI redefines a start-up’s budgeting process. The term “Business […]