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Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test: Understanding this Statistical Method

Explore the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, a powerful statistical method used to compare two probability distributions. Learn about its principles, applications, and how it assesses the similarity between datasets, guiding your understanding of hypothesis testing and data analysis in various fields

The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test is a widely used method for comparing data. Discover the amazing story of its invention, and how it is used today in Data Science! In 1933, Andrei Kolmogorov published an article entitled “Sulla determinazione empirica di una legge di distribuzione” (On the empirical determination of a distribution law). In it, the mathematician […]

Mojo, the programming language revolution

Mojo, the programming language revolution

The AI infrastructure company Modular has launched Mojo, a programming language that aims to combine Python with the performance of C. What is Mojo? Mojo is an innovative programming language that seeks to accelerate the development of future machine learning models. But, as processors are also equipped with AI accelerators, Modular decided that Mojo should […]

Shell training: why and how to learn Bash?


A shell training course teaches you how to master a shell like Bash. Find out everything you need to know and how to follow such a course. When a computer starts up, a kernel recognizes all the physical components and allows them to communicate with each other and be orchestrated by basic software. However, to […]

Top 10 programming languages

Top 10 programming languages

Top 10 programming languages: If there’s one job for which there’s been no let-up in demand over the years, it’s that of programmer or application developer. Here’s the thing: if you’re new to the job, which languages should you include on your CV? A programmer who masters C++ can expect to be paid more than […]

Power BI Service: How do you create a learning environment for training?

Power BI Service: How do you create a learning environment for training?

Discover how to create a free learning environment to master Power BI Service with the Microsoft 365 Developer Program. Get hands-on experience with fifteen pre-configured accounts and explore all the features without the need for expensive licences. Power BI Desktop is the essential tool for developing a Power BI project. It enables you to use […]

Cyberattacks: Definition and modus operandi

Cyber attacks refer to malicious attempts by individuals or organizations to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability

One morning, users turn on their computers and discover that access is blocked… The website is down and no transactions can be recorded. Many companies have experienced this disaster scenario. What are cyber attacks and how can you do your best to avoid them? Ask CEOs in the major democracies: “What is the main threat […]

No Code: digital creation rethought

Le No Code: digital creation rethought

It’s time to rethink our habits and take a look at what’s being done elsewhere, what’s emerging and could help us improve our productivity and our work. In an era shaped by digital transformation, a new movement is emerging that is changing the way we think about digital creation: NoCode. What is the No Code? […]

Python Virtualenv: Your Essential Guide to Virtual Environments

Python Virtualenv: Your Essential Guide to Virtual Environments

Find out all you need to know about Python’s virtual environments and the virtualenv library: definition, use cases, operation, tutorial, training… One of the main advantages of the Python language is its wide selection of third-party libraries and packages. These tools are very useful for data ingestion or transformation, or for high-speed mathematics or Machine […]

5G: Everything You Need to Know

The 5G network, successor to 4G, is set to transform our daily lives with its impressive capabilities in connectivity, efficiency, and speed. 5G unlocks phenomenal connection speeds, vastly improved network capacity, and almost zero latency, setting the stage for advancements ranging from smart cities to the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, and telemedicine. Yet, […]

Internet of Things (IoT): What is it and how does it work?

Quietly, the Internet of Things has settled into our daily lives. Voice assistants and connected light bulbs have become commonplace in homes. IoT is also sneaking into the professional world, and on the horizon, communication between connected objects paves the way for ambitious applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) involves providing Internet connectivity to the […]

TinyML: Pioneering AI in Compact Devices

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes ever more woven into our daily routines, Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) is carving out a new domain. This innovation empowers us to run AI on small, energy-efficient devices, unlocking a host of novel possibilities. This article examines TinyML’s role in pushing the frontiers of embedded AI, its emergence, distinctive features, […]

GeneratedBy: The platform for testing and sharing AI prompts

GeneratedBy: The platform for testing and sharing AI prompts

GeneratedBy is an online platform dedicated to creating and sharing prompts for generative AI. Find out all you need to know about this website, its benefits, why use it and how to become a master in the art of prompt engineering! Generative AIs such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and MidJourney offer fantastic possibilities. In just […]