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KNN: What is the KNN Algorithm ?


The K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithm is a machine learning algorithm belonging to the class of simple and easy-to-implement supervised learning algorithms. It can be used to solve classification and regression problems. In this article, we will delve into the definition of this algorithm, how it works, and provide a practical programming application. KNN : Definition […]

Why Kubernetes has become an indispensable tool in Data Science


Kubernetes, the container orchestration tool, is not only valuable for software development but also for Data Science. Discover how this platform has become essential for Data Scientists… Since its inception, Kubernetes has transformed the way software developers create and deploy applications. This widely adopted technology has naturally caught the attention of Data Scientists. They have […]

Power BI Hubspot integration: How do you do it?

power bi hubspot integration

The Power BI Hubspot integration enables you to leverage CRM software data to create dashboards and visualizations on Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform! Explore all the methods for connecting these two platforms. Power BI is a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform developed by Microsoft. It allows you to analyze data and present the results in the form […]

DevOps Architect: Skills, missions and salary

devops architect

With the growth of DevOps culture within organizations, new roles are emerging, including the DevOps architect. But what exactly is this role? What is its purpose? Its mission? Its skills? Its future prospects? Find all the answers in this article. What is a DevOps architect? Before understanding the skills and responsibilities of a DevOps architect, […]

Azure DevOps: Definitions, DevOps methods

azure devops

Many organizations aspire to embrace the DevOps approach to enhance their operations. Azure is one of the leading Cloud service providers and offers a robust set of DevOps services. This article on Azure DevOps will assist you in comprehending how to implement DevOps practices using Azure. What is Azure DevOps? Among the various providers or […]

DevOps training: how to master GitHub, Docker or Apache Airflow?

devops course

A DevOps training program enables you to master various DevOps tools, a highly sought-after expertise in the corporate world. Discover why and how to pursue a DevOps training. In the face of digital transformation, software development projects must meet ever-stricter requirements. To meet the demands of end-users, companies are embracing the DevOps methodology for application […]

Scikit Learn: Discover the Python library dedicated to Machine Learning

scikit learn

If you study data and want to derive information from it, you will often need to process the data, modify it and, above all, build models capable of learning patterns in your data for a chosen problem. There are a number of open source libraries available to do this, but the best-known of these is […]

The importance of Cross Validation

cross validation

Cross-Validation is a method for testing the performance of a Machine Learning predictive model. Discover the most commonly used techniques and how to learn to master them. After training a Machine Learning model on labeled data, it is supposed to work on new data. However, it’s essential to ensure the accuracy of the model’s predictions […]

MapReduce: how to use it for Big Data?


MapReduce is the programming model of the Hadoop framework. It enables the analysis of massive volumes of Big Data through parallel processing. Discover everything you need to know: overview, functioning, alternatives, benefits, training… The massive volumes of Big Data offer numerous opportunities for businesses. However, it can be challenging to process this data quickly and […]